Israeli Police Arrest Artas Farmer and Family near Bethlehem, Gaza Bombings Wound Three

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PNN – Palestine News Network 08.11.11 – 00:26

PNN -Israeli police entered the southern West Bank village of Artas on Monday to arrest a 58-year-old farmer, his wife, and his sister for trespassing in the illegal Israeli settlement of Neve Daniel. 

The Judean Desert surrounding Bethlehem, near where the village of Artas is located (Lo Yuk Fai, PNN)l
A spokesman for the media unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, Awad Abu Sawi, said the police arrested 58-year-old Jamal Jaber Asa’ad as well as his wife and sister, both unnamed, after they were found on land that Israeli authorities said belonged to settlers.
One settler, named Nadia Matar, said she called the police because the elderly Palestinians were pruning olive trees she claimed were hers. According to the Palestinian official news wire Wafa, Asa’ad owns property deeds to the land in question.
Abu Sawi claimed that Matar had been burned Asa’ad’s house in the past and had been seen pruning up to 80 olive trees in the area, along with a group of settlers from Etzion. He said he had asked a lawyer, Ghiyath Nasser, to notify an Israeli legal advisor that the Ministry of Agriculture would not rest “until the release of this elderly man waiting for his unfair trial.”
In other news, Israeli tank fire into the eastern Gaza Strip wounded three Palestinians in the neighborhood of al-Shuja’iyya.
Eyewitnesses told Wafa that tanks fired six shells toward homes in the neighborhood, leading to three injured Palestinians, all of whom were evacuated to the al-Shifa’ hospital in Gaza City. One of the injuries was described as “dangerous.”

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