Israeli police harass Palestinian car drivers during Adha Eid

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[ 08/11/2011 – 01:10 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Palestinian natives in occupied Jerusalem complained lately, especially during the days of the Adha Eid of being fined arbitrarily by Israeli policemen and municipal inspectors for alleged traffic violations.

Many Palestinian car drivers and pedestrians reported that Israeli policemen and municipal inspectors were stalking them in all traffic areas in the holy city, in an attempt to fine them directly, sometimes without any reason and other times without giving any traffic direction or guidance as it is normally followed by policemen in other countries.

Instead of helping the Palestinian drivers to find easily appropriate parking spaces and guiding them, the Israeli policemen hasten to issue parking tickets against them, some drivers complained.

Other citizens said they parked their cars properly and in the correct spaces on Salahuddin street, but Israeli municipal men stalked them and started to take pictures of their vehicles before issuing parking tickets.

The Israeli police intensified use of unmarked cars to stop and issued more penalties against Palestinian drivers during the festive season, according to Jerusalem residents.

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

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