PSCC Organizes Palestinian “Freedom Rides” on Settler Buses Next Week


PNN – Palestine News Network – 08.11.11 – 19:19

PNN -The Palestinian Solidarity Coordination Committee announced in a press release on Tuesday that it had begun a campaign to put Palestinians from the West Bank on East Jerusalem-bound settler buses next week, emulating the “Freedom Rides” of the 1960s US civil rights movement.

Israelis traveling on Palestinian roads in the West Bank suffer no movement restrictions except being forbidden from entering 2.7% of the territory which comprises Area A (Lo Yuk Fai, PNN).
The rides, planned for the afternoon of November 15 and beginning in Ramallah, are being promoted as an act of civil disobedience protesting Israeli access restrictions on Palestinians in the West Bank. Ten of eleven major West Bank cities have at least one entrance blocked off and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) says there are currently 522 checkpoints in the territory.
“The Freedom Riders seek to highlight Israel’s attempts to illegally sever occupied East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank, and the apartheid system that Israel has imposed on Palestinians in the occupied territories,” according to the press release.
The riders will “attempt to board” buses on the 15th, but there is no precedent suggesting they will be allowed or prohibited.
The press release concludes, “While it is not officially forbidden for Palestinians to use Israeli public transportation in the West Bank, these lines are effectively segregated, since many of them pass through Jewish-only settlements, to which Palestinian entry is prohibited by a military decree.”
The Freedom Riders were American civil rights activists who in 1961 began riding interstate buses in the South and sitting in segregated, whites-only seats. Many were brutally beaten or arrested.

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