Germany scraps plan to suspend UNESCO funds

KUNA Politics 11/10/2011 9:11:00 PM

BERLIN, Nov 10 (KUNA) — The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs said here Thursday it had abolished a plan to cut off funds to UNESCO as a punitive action after Palestine was accepted into the UN agency despite western pressure.
Germany will have to pay 10.8 million euro to UNESCO for next year’s funding, the ministry said.

Germany and the US, unlike other European countries, had announced that they would block their funding to the UNESCO after Palestine was accepted as a UNESCO member. The German position received wide-scale criticism in Germany. Palestine became UNESCO’s 195th member, after 107 member states attending a general conference in Paris voted in favor of upgrading the Palestinians’ status from observer to full member. (end) KUNA 102111 Nov 11NNNN

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