Weekly Demo in Nabi Saleh – Nov 11, 2011 – in pictures

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November 11, 2011

Bilal Tamimi who weekly makes videos of the protests in Nabi Saleh was arrested by the IDF while filming the demo.  2 protesters, including an 11 year old child, were hit with rubber bullets.  Tamimi was shot in the face with a rubber coated steel bullet, contravening international law regarding the use of so-called crowd dispersal tactics, that state that projectiles should be fired towards the legs.

Article 14 of the UN Basic Principles provides: “In the dispersal of violent assemblies, law enforcement officials may use firearms only when less dangerous means are not practicable and only to the minimum extent necessary.”

It is Israel who denies Palestinians the Human Right of non violent gathering, by turning it into violent themselves. Shooting immediately tear- or poisonous gas, rubber coated bullets, not only at the legs at all. Shot at the head or vital parts, children, it can be deadly and is so violating International Law and basic principles of the United Nations of which it is a member itself.

By targeting at faces, or at height of necks, is a clear sign of the intention wanting to use projectiles as posible lethal weapon which is a violation of law as well. Riot dispersal by law is supposed to be non-lethal.

A short while ago, on October 27, 2011 Israel shot 4 yr old Asil Arara, in the neck, causing quadraplegia and will be paralysed 4 life

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