DFLP: Why does the international community stay silent?

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

Nov 12, 2011 | DFLP

The bombardment of the blockaded Gaza Strip continues leaving more victims, destruction and horror while the occupation continues the violations of international law; colonialism, isolationism and the “Judaizing” of Jerusalem accompanied by daily attacks against civilians in the towns and villages of the West Bank.

These sufferings, humiliations and crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people under illegal occupation occur under the eyes of the international community, which remains under a terrifying silence.

Why the total silence given the aggression against the Palestinian people for decades? Why doesn’t the world move seriously to end the occupation and support the Palestinian people and their legitimate right to self-determination and the creation of an independent state on their national territory? Especially considering if you are able to mobilize quickly and even intervene militarily in other Arab countries under the pretext of protecting civilians and under the pretext of defending human rights and preserving security and world peace …

This policy reaffirms the belief of the heinous double standards in universal issues, led by the new global system, especially the West.

The whole world is aware that the occupation and its practices, including colonialism and the horrible Zionist policies against the Palestinian people represent the main cause of the absence of peace, security and stability in the Middle East. The world is also aware that the pain of the Palestinians has continued for decades. Its situation is not the product of a revolution or intifada that erupted in 2011 as is the case of some Arab countries. So how do we interpret the jurisdiction of Western leaders to intervene in the affairs of this Arab country or the allegation of human rights violations by their regimes, while ignoring the crimes of Israel against the Palestinian people that have become the target of horrendous violations of social, political and human rights?

The policy of double standards reveal the ugly face of western hypocrisy and moral turpitude of those who manage, partially, the issue of human rights in accordance with their interests. The West imposes and limits Palestinian aspirations to gain their rights and sovereignty, while supporting and perpetuating the Israeli colonial occupation and providing material and military support. In addition it ensures protection to this rogue state in international meetings.

Given this reality the question is raised on the responsibility and duties of its two nations: Arab and Islamic, with respect to the defense of their legitimate rights and interests, in the moment when the West, hegemonic of the world, ignores the principles of justice, freedom, human rights and the rights of peoples to self-determination. The responsibility for these two nations is enormous and requires the mobilization of their people to tell all the forces of injustice and aggression: “enough”.

The Arab peoples who rebelled against injustice, repression and lack of freedom are the same that today need to mobilize to stop the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people and defend the interests of the Arab and Islamic nation. If the West is concerned about human rights and the principles of justice and liberty, now is the time to act to stop the Zionist aggression against the Palestinians.

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