Wrecked Israeli spy drone found in Turkish territory

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[ 13/11/2011 – 10:41 AM ]

ISTANBUL, (PIC)– Local news reports disclosed that the Turkish defense forces found lately the wreckage of an Israeli spy drone in Adana province, south of Turkey, and opened an investigation into the matter.

According to newspaper Yeni Safak on Saturday, a Turkish fisherman from Karatas town, discovered pieces of the drone known as Heron and reported what he saw to the coast guard authority, which in turn, sent a probe team to the scene.

Later, the wreckage of the Israeli spy drone were retrieved from under the water and taken to a military command center in Mersin city for further investigation, the newspaper said.

It stated that this incident took place as the tension between Turkey and Israel are escalating, especially after Ankara suspended its military cooperation with the Israeli government and decreased its diplomatic representation in Tel Aviv.

The newspaper noted to the possibility that this drone was used by the Israeli occupation forces to help the Kurdish rebel group referred to as PKK to launch terrorist attacks against Turkey.

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

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