IOA blocks entry of 82-year-old liberated prisoner into West Bank for 11 years

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[ 16/11/2011 – 11:39 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– An 82-year-old Palestinian, who was recently released from Israeli jails in the prisoners’ exchange deal with Hamas, was ordered not to enter the West Bank for 11 years.

Israeli policemen went to Sami Younis’s home in Ar’ara village in the Triangle area, occupied since 1948, on Tuesday and told him he must visit the police station, which he did and was handed an order not to enter the West Bank for 11 years.

The police also told the elderly man that he must desist from participating in any political activity or else he would be arrested.

Younis was detained on his return from a ceremony to honor liberated prisoners in Deir Abu Mishaal village last Thursday and was released after a few hours.

Meanwhile, the former two oldest serving prisoners Fakhri and Nael Al-Barghouthi said that the Israeli summons and interrogation of them was meant to humiliate them.

Fakhri, who spent 34 years in Israeli detention, said that the Israeli intelligence tried to recruit him but he categorically refused to betray his own people.

Nael, who served 35 years in Israeli jails, said that the interrogators warned them of engaging in any anti occupation activity.

He hoped that the Egyptian authorities, which mediated the exchange deal between Hamas and Israel that led to their freedom, would intervene to stop the Israeli harassment of the liberated prisoners.

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