Palestinians To Ride At The Front Of The Bus

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By Avaaz  –  Information Clearing House – Nov 15, 2011

Right now, history could be made in Palestine. A small number of brave Palestinians will risk attack and arrest to commit a forbidden act — they will board a public bus.

Lacking their own state, Palestinians are forbidden to use buses and roads reserved for non-Arabs — part of a host of race-based rules that US President Jimmy Carter has called “apartheid”. 50 years ago, African-Americans in the US challenged these rules by simply and non-violently refusing to follow them. In a few hours, Palestinians will take the same approach, and their actions will be live webcasted by Avaaz teams at the link below.

As diplomats stall in the fight for a Palestinian state, the Palestinian people are taking the fight into their own hands, one public service at a time. And they’re doing it with the simple, elegant and unstoppable moral force of non-violence in the tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

The Palestinian spring begins right now – watch it LIVE, register support on the right, and give these brave activists the global solidarity and attention they urgently need to win:

Sign the petition now (HERE)
As concerned citizens from around the globe, we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian freedom riders and bear witness to decades of injustice and humiliation. We urge the nations of the world to support non-violent Palestinian efforts to achieve freedom and a new state, stop Israeli settlement-building and bring an end to the occupation, so that all Palestinians and Israelis may live in peace and dignity.
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