What a Jewish terrorist might look like

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

This picture was posted, along with several others, on the right-leaning citizen journalism site Rotter.net. It was taken at a memorial evening for Rabbi Meir Kahane, held openly in Jerusalem and attended by well over 1,000 people. The slogan on the back of the shirt reads “Price Tag.”

Below is the context of the pic:

The military issue M-16 would most likely mean that the man in the picture is either a conscript or a reserves soldier. It’s unclear if the man is an actual Price Tag member/activist or simply signals his support. But the picture still aptly illustrates that while “price tag” activists confined themselves so far to non-lethal action – torching mosques, spraying graffiti and general heavy bullying – they’re well on their way to become a proper paramilitary organisation, perhaps, likemany conservative paramilitary groups around the world, with some overlapping membership in the state security forces. My guess is it’s really a matter of time before a proper “retaliatory” or “preemptive” firearm attack is carried out against a civilian Palestinian target.

Source and more at +972 Magazine

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