URGENT: Demand the Release of Gaza Crafts – Action Alert!

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

The suffering of Palestinians in Gaza, especially children, is at an all time high.

Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children
Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children MECA photo

(GAZA CITY) – Every holiday season, the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) and Joining Hands sponsor a bazaar of Palestinian crafts and goods. Throughout each year, we spend time building relationships with creative and talented artisans, farmers and craftspeople–especially women–living in the West Bank and Gaza, who make beautiful hand-woven rugs, tapestries, wooden sculptures, pottery, and embroidery.

However, due to the ongoing illegal Israeli siege on Gaza, our most recent shipment of crafts from the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children was prohibited from leaving Gaza by the Israeli government.

That’s why today, I urgently ask you to sign this petition by Monday, November 21, calling on the State Department to demand that Israel releases the crafts from Gaza, and end the inhumane siege and suffering.

For the past four years and to the detriment of over 1.5 million people (more than half are under the age of 18), Israel has imposed heavy restrictions on people and goods entering or leaving Gaza. For many of our Palestinian friends, these crafts are their sole means of livelihood and survival.

The suffering of Palestinians in Gaza, especially children, is at an all time high. According to the United Nations, over 70% of the population lives in poverty. The unemployment rate in the Gaza Strip, a staggering 45%, is among the world’s highest. Children in Gaza are victims of acute malnutrition, a severe lack of medicine, inadequate education, and unsanitary living conditions- due to the Israeli blockade, which is supported by the United States.

We feel that all conscientious people should show support for those who struggle under occupation in their desperate efforts to maintain their existence, identity, and dignity. It is our duty to speak out and say enough.

In Solidarity,
Barbara Lubin
Executive Director

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