US threatens to cut off aid to PA if national reconciliation materialises

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[ 19/11/2011 – 01:17 PM ]

Ramallah, (PIC)– Zionist news sources said that the US administration sent a secret message to Ramallah which says that any plans to achieve unity with Hamas in the Gaza Strip means the immediate freezing of US funds to the PA. The media also said that this is the serious problem faced by PA president Abbas nowadays.

According “Israel Today” the US deputy secretary of state Bill Burns is on a secret visit to the Zionist entity and the West Bank and will meet Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu.

The paper pointed out that the official carries a strong letter from Obama in which Abbas was told that if he wants to form a unity government with Hamas then Hamas has to agree to the Quartet’s conditions, recognise the Israeli occupation, accept all previous agreements and give up resistance.

The paper claimed that the US wanted to pre-empt Abbas’s moves, which they felt were serious.

Netanyahu announced more than once that his call for an immediate and unconditional return to the negotiating table would become meaningless if Abbas forms a unity government with Hamas.

He also stressed that if a future unity government has one fund, then Israel would stop transferring tax money altogether to the PA.

For his part, Saeb Uraikat, denied altogether that the PA received any such letters from the USA and pointed out that US funding to the PA is already frozen since the Palestine became a member of the UNESCO.

Uraikat confirmed the visit of the US deputy secretary of state and that he will meet with Abbas on Sunday in Ramallah.

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

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