Lack of Palestinian Voice in American Media

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

PNN – Palestine News Network  22.11.11 – 06:36 by Mousa al-Shanteer

Every day, we Americans wake up to the same daily routine. FOX Morning News gives us a dose of biased conservative jargon and CNN Evening News is there to conclude the day with misleading politically motivated news coverage. And unfortunately, we’re perfectly fine with the way things are.



A tee shirt for sale in the Old City of Jerusalem (Lo Yuk Fai, PNN).
 Rarely do we stop to analyze what we hear and think about the truth behind what the American media wants us to believe. We tend to accept everything we hear as fact. Pure, unbiased, common fact. And that’s why it’s hard to blame ourselves for falling prey to the ideologies advanced in today’s media. Our views are hindered by what the American media wants us to believe: that all terrorists are Muslim, that all Occupy Wall Street protestors are criminals. Sadly enough, this bias encompasses everything from the upcoming presidential race to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Sadly enough, this bias adheres to the American-Israeli political agenda and eliminates the Palestinian viewpoint. This is the bias that we accept in our news networks. This is the bias which compels many Americans to go against the Palestinian cause, to denounce Palestinians as “terrorists” and “rebels.”
My trip to Palestine this summer opened my eyes and made me a witness to the atrocities that occur there on a daily basis. Unfortunately, what happens in there seems of little significance to the rest of the world. The little bit of news coverage that we get is often eclipsed by news of the new Twilight movie or the ongoing NBA lockout. It’s time to obviate the same old questions we Palestinian-Americans always hear: “Oh…Palestine, where is that at?” or “Don’t you mean Israel?”
Israel. That six letter word which has brought destruction and chaos and which hinders the lives of the poor Palestinian people, who currently live in fear of the Israeli soldiers, who pray day and night so that their homes will not be taken away, who pray for the safety and prosperity of their children on a daily basis. Is it wrong for us to tell the truth in our media? Is it wrong to side with the Palestinians for once, to denounce Israel for its acts of apartheid and for its restrictions of human rights?
Unfortunately, in our media, it is.
That is why it is our job to venture beyond the barriers set by the American media and pro-Israeli bias. Beyond these barriers, we are able to learn about the conflict not through a political or religious standpoint but through a humanistic standpoint. We can hear the voice of the Palestinian people. The sound of the mother weeping over the bodies of her children, the sound of the bullets whizzing through dirt roads, and the sound of an Israeli bulldozer demolishing thousands of years of history.
What we hear in our media isn’t the voice of the Palestinian people, it’s the voice of American and Israeli politicians who work hand in hand. According to Nancy Pelosi, “We in Congress stand by Israel. In Congress, we speak with one voice on the subject of Israel.”
This “one voice” is what sets the barriers and filters what we see on our major news networks. This “one voice” is making our foreign policy decisions. This “one voice” is putting American politicians in a collar and is forcing them to walk the path that puts Israel’s interests first and leaves everything else behind.
Mousa Alshanteer is a Palestinian-American teenager who advocates for the Palestinian cause. He is a senior at High Point Central School in High Point, North Carolina.

Source and more at the PNN – Palestine News Network

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