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Monday, 21 November 2011 17:11 | Doc Jazz Website

It has been a little over a year ago since Doc Jazz released a new song – the longest break in songwriting since the beginning of the Musical Intifada project – but there is some good news to share now! A new production is in the making, and it is called ‘Right of Return’.

In a recent interview with the blog ‘Oh My Gaza’, Doc Jazz said: “What we need to do as Palestinians is to protect our cause, and the heart of our cause is our Right of Return.” No wonder that his new song addresses this issue in clear and unambiguous terms.

‘You are like the olive tree’

It appears from the lyrics that the song addresses the younger generations of Palestinians in the diaspora. It calls upon them to cherish their roots, and to hold on to their inalienable right of returning to the homeland. The lyrics will not be publicized yet, but the song starts with the words: “You are like the olive tree”. The olive tree is a strong symbol for the Palestinian people and their ties to the land.

Apparently, in this new song, Doc Jazz is telling these young Palestinians that they are connected to Palestine in the same way that the ancient olive trees are an inseparable part of the Palestinian landscape.

The Right of Return

It is not the first time that Doc Jazz gives a central role to the Right of Return in his Musical Intifada.

His flagship album ‘Front Door Key’ is in fact dedicated to this very issue, this time utilizing the powerful symbol of the front door key of their home in Palestine that is kept in many Palestinian refugee families as a heirloom. The fact that that key is literally passed on from generation to generation constitutes a determined promise of return, no matter how long it will take. For this same reason, the Doc Jazz logo has the shape of a key, in case you were wondering.

Coming Soon !

The release of the new song ‘Right of Return’ is expected in December 2011, so keep yourself informed by following Doc Jazz on Twitter (@docjazzmusic) and joining the Doc Jazz Facebook page, which already boasts over 18,200 members.

In the mean time, have your ears tuning in to the unique musical style of Doc Jazz by checking out the (96!) songs on the Soundclick site or on Doc Jazz’s official website. Also, make sure you beat your friends to being the first in your circle to own an original copy of the album Front Door Key.

The number of albums  is limited, so get one before they run out! It is exclusively available at the Palestine Online Store, and at the rare live performances of Doc Jazz.

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