Defense for Children International Movement Honors PNN among Media Associates

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PNN – Palestine News Network – 23.11.11 – 21:04

PNN -In its 20 anniversary celebration, the Ramallah-based NGO Defense for Children International (DCI) honored a number of Palestinian media outlets, including the Palestine News Network (PNN). 

Palestinian under the age of 15 make up nearly half of the population of the occupied Palestinian territories (Brendan Work, PNN).
Prisoners’ Affairs Minister Issa Qaraqe and Minister of Social Affairs Majeda al-Masri were in attendance at the celebration, which confirmed DCI’s importance in promoting Palestinian children’s rights and protecting them from both the Israeli occupation and the communities where they live.
Razan, a young girl given the podium, talked on behalf of DCI’s Children’s Council and said that efforts by the group had evolved over time to include more children than in the previous years.
Qaraqe said Palestinians need to internationalize the case of detained children. Thirty-five Palestinian children between the ages of 12 and 15 are still held in Israeli military prisons, according to DCI.
At the end of the celebration, DCI honored all the people who helped in promoting and protecting children’s rights. They also honored some of the local and international media, including PNN, al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya, Ajyal and Raya FM. Monjed Jadu, the PNN editor-in-chief, thanked DCI for its efforts to create a safe environment for children.

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