Meshaal: Palestinians Factions Should Unite in Facing Israel

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26.11.11 – 00:46_ Palestine News Network

PNN -On Friday, AFP reported that Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal told the Netanyahu Administration, “Don’t frighten us. [Instead], confirm that Palestinian reconciliation is the right path for the future of Palestine and the Palestinians.” Meshaal’s statements came as a reaction to Israeli threats over Fatah and Hamas’ reconciliation.

(PNN Archive)
“Israel has always been unjust towards the Palestinians. Israel has closed the doors to opportunities and solutions for the Palestinians,” said Meshaal.
Meshaal also asked Palestinians to what’s best for their national interests, such as ending divisions between different political factions in smaller communities.
“Mahmoud Abbas must not respond to Israeli pressure because he will not get anything in return,” said Mashaal. “I appreciate the valuable step that Abu Mazen took in [joining] UNESCO, and we hope to accomplish progress with Abbas’s initiative in the future.”
Meshaal and Abbas met in Cairo on Thursday and concluded with “no differences” on many of the main issues of reconciliation, such as the need for presidential and legislative elections in May 2012 and the unification of governmental institutions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Meshaal confirmed that there will be another meeting with the different Palestinian parties on December 20. According to Meshaal, the meeting is meant to signal to Fatah “to forget the past, and begin a new positive stage of united Palestinians against the real enemy, Israel.”

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