There’s Never a Time To be Complacent About War Crimes

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

Gilad Atzmon is fundamentally zapping the Zionists of strength.

Gilad Atzmon
Photo from Gilad’s Website:

(SALEM) – I was a U.S. Marine and I’ve worked in Iraq and Afghanistan as a war correspondent. When I write about American military conflict, people know I do it with a demonstrated level

Correspondent Lauren Booth

of understanding.

Gilad Atzmon was born and raised a Jew in Israel and for the exact same reason, he has a level of personal comprehension of the Israel/Palestine conflict that is unrivaled among critics.

Lauren Booth is a veteran activist and reporter in Europe and the Middle east, and the sister-in-law of Tony Blair; so it is fair to conclude that her years of covering the conflict in Palestine and Israel are a sincere product of her experience.

Gilad’s extremely popular new book, The Wandering Who?, is an honest evaluation of what is taking place in the Middle east due to the desires of Israel’s ever widening trough of injustice that surrounds the Palestinians with apartheid walls. Powers are at work trying desperately to discredit this incredible writer and musician, because they don’t want attention drawn to Israel’s war crimes. There really is little else to it.

Lauren Booth’s new article, Palestine Solidarity Campaign in unholy alliance with Israeli mouthpiece and UK Zionist website , exposes The Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s (PSC) Sarah Colborne campaign against Gilad, who had planned to perform as a saxophonist at an event celebrating political song in Bradford, called “Raise your Banners”.

Sarah Colborne

In attempting to alienate Gilad Atzmon, Colborne shows nothing else but a sell-out mentality. She and the others now steering the PSC know damned well that as what Gilad represents, is a bitter pill they aren’t willing to swallow. Even that seems to be extending unnecessary credit, I suspect they are taking orders from Tel Aviv.

I am very concerned at what appears to be an attempt by “Raise Your Banners” to misrepresent the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. PSC has made clear to “Raise Your Banners” that we have no links with Gilad Atzmon, and that Palestine Solidarity Campaign does not work with him. When a representative from “Raise Your Banners” contacted the PSC office some months ago, they were urged to take seriously the concerns of those who had raised this issue.

The Long Arm of Israel

In other words, they are influenced by Israel and they aren’t working for the Palestinians.

Likewise, they are on the side of the people doing the killing and not the other way around.

Israelis these days, and for a long time, are rarely if ever killed by people from Palestine. Yet we can easily see 10 to 20 people in Gaza killed by Israeli drones in the span of a week, and the Israelis almost always attack family homes, they almost kill innocent people.

The political leadership of Gaza is Hamas, and Hamas has the ‘terrorist’ designation. So all of Israel’s killing and theft of Palestinian land is thus described as happening for the sake of ‘security’ and if and when a Palestinian kills an Israeli in retribution for Israel’s endless attacks, it is immediately deemed an ‘act of terrorism’.

That is lame and wrong by any standard, it is inappropriate and an excuse to justify the murder of human beings and nothing else. Exactly 29 Israeli citizens have been killed in rocket attacks from Gaza, in all time, yet thousands of Palestinians have been killed by military action without recourse. Israel attacks civilian neighborhoods with illegal weapons including depleted uranium (DU) and white phosphorous.

During Operation Cast Lead, named obnoxiously out of celebration for the death it caused among Gaza civilians, more than 1400 people were killed, ambulance drivers from Gaza were shot and prevented from reaching victims of the Israeli attack.

Israel killed more of its own soldiers in military errors during this operation than it lost to Gaza militants, and even then it was only a total of 14 Israelis killed, it is reflective of Israel’s forced military service and its serious lack of discipline and training.

Damned right we stand up against this madness and injustice, and no wonder Israel worked so hard to reach and obviously infiltrate the PSC with great success.

I learned something about all of this from our writer, Roger Butow in Laguna Beach, who is a longtime clean water activist. He explains after years of experience on the front lines of the political and educational war for Mother Earth’s interests in Southern California, that most advocacy groups have about a ten-year life span, and after that they become dependent on donations, and they lose their sense of mission.

This applies to an endless list of groups in California like Sierra Club, and Surfrider Foundation, that started as ambitious well-intended projects, just like the PSC, but then people changed, they become overly complacent, too much red tape, they become fixated on donations and salary obligations, and then in the worse case scenario, then end in shambles, far beyond the general ineffectiveness common after a decade of existence, which is more than common, almost standard.

End Israel’s Unwarranted Murder of Kids

From the December 2010 article:
Gilad Atzmon: ‘I Have a Reputation for Being a Suicidal Activist’

And all the while, there are good, caring people in the ranks of these groups, all over the world, who are not part of the corruption, but the solution. They are all grounded without real leadership and that takes courage, the kind Gilad has.

The worst of these organizations end up in the hands of the powers they were originally organized to counter. This particular group, the PSC, and its leadership, have been involved in a series of moves against established members in recent months, and they have been courting some of the most strongly pro-Zionist media groups out there, like Jewish Chronicle and the rabid pro-Zionist blog, Harry’s Place.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it is time for this group to close its doors and faithful people need to start anew. Read Lauren’s article to gain a much better appreciation of the odd and unexplainable circumstances surrounding those changes.

One thing is clear to this goyish writer; that is that certain activists have a way of getting under Israel’s skin and it chills the Zionists to the bone. Gilad and Ken O’Keefe are both great examples of this; men of great charisma and when they speak, their words maker perfect sense. They’re both stellar activists who tirelessly devote every bit of energy they have toward making a difference.

From the August 2011 report:
Israel’s Latest Battle Against Ken O’Keefe

Because they are both incredible conveyors of information whose words can transfix an audience, they are tantamount to Israel’s worst fears, because these are honest men, not terrorists, and they are a thorn in the side of Zionism’s blind aspirations; particularly Gilad’s double life as an extraordinary musician, and Ken as a movement strongman whose many appearances on The BBC have changed the way people in the UK view Israel.

Yes, it is a fix that Israel is in, and the truth is a real angry bitch with a growing, collective voice. It doesn’t hesitate to blow doors open and when people come to understand what Israel has done and continues to do to people, just grinding children and families into oblivion; they spread the word all the more.

Zionists approve of or excuse:

  • War crimes committed against Gaza
  • The routine bombing of homes by Israeli planes and drones
  • Separation walls that divide Jews from non-Jews
  • Roads that are ‘Jewish only’ in many parts of Israel
  • Laws that allow Palestinians to be arrested, but not Jews
  • The continual theft of land from families
  • Imprisoning thousands without credible charges

Really, this just scratches the surface. The Zionist Jews of Israel have major media connections in the USA and those who doubt it still watch the endless reports that praise and support Israel, whilst always considering the victims ‘terrorists’ which by any definition of the word, by any dictionary’s account, far more closely describes the politics and military tactics of the USA, Israel and the UK, which is where all of the problems really began, when the promise of T.E. Lawrence to the Arabs was dishonored by the British at the end of World War One.

The fact that both Gilad and Ken are the subject of endless, highly organized and well structured attacks supposedly ‘from the inside’, is an illusion. The source of all of it is Israel. It is not unexpected, and it is a test of faith.

There is a consensus growing worldwide against those who attack Atzmon and O’Keefe, because their intentions and actions are dyed in wool and clear for the world to see. The attacks have all been fully irrational, and all of the baseless accusations have been disproven. The excuse is “you just hate me because I’m Jewish” and that is so damned self righteous. Now people are reaching the point of just writing off the silly and ridiculous efforts to silence the restless voices of resistance to fascism and oligarchy.

There have been heroes and martyrs and terrorists and victims all the while, and the momentum that keeps the destructive parts in the machine moving, is the government of Israel. It isn’t the people of Israel, it isn’t the religion they follow, it is simply a lack of humanity and a failure to respect people equally and the problem is Netanyahu and the unflinching, inhumane right wing government.

The accusation of ‘antisemitism’ suggests that we writers who are sympathetic to the Palestinian Diaspora are not concerned for the murdered babies, and the endless violence that Israel doles out, but that we are simply people who hate Jews. That suggestion is beyond stupid, it exceeds irrational, it is a weak excuse and an attempt to deflect national and international responsibility. Nobody cares what religion a person practices, but we are strongly against any that use religion as an excuse for ethnic cleansing and Genocide.

I love the way Gilad’s book has people riled, because it is proving in conclusive ways, all born through experience, that Israel’s approaches are wrong, even unforgivable.

I am motivated by Lauren Booth’s new article, which goes father into what is taking place: Palestine Solidarity Campaign in unholy alliance with Israeli mouthpiece and UK Zionist website

You can order Gilad’s book here: The Wandering Who?


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