In Silwan, Two Families Live under Threat of Home Evacuation

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PNN – Palestine News Network 01.12.11 – 22:39

PNN -After one family from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan was evacuated to ensure full Israeli control of the corridor between Silwan and the Moroccan Gate, another family will soon be asked, or forced, to do the same.

The East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan has been repeatedly targeted for demolitions (Lo Yuk Fai, PNN).
Hussein Haju’s family lives in the Wadi al-Hilweh neighborhood of Silwan. He recalls the recent Israeli court order evacuating fellow Silwan resident Daoud Abu Diab and his family, giving Abu Diab and his four children “a few days” to leave their house and stores. Israeli forces then changed the locks and put them in court storage until the court decides formally that the property is owned by the Israeli settler group Elad.
Abu Diab’s family, which includes four children, one of them with an undiagnosed illness, have started collecting their furniture, clothes and other belongings for their evacuation. Nevertheless the family says they will not leave the house, and local and international solidarity activists regularly visit the family and have planned to protest near the building.
The location of Abu Diab’s home and stores is important: they link the Wadi al-Hilweh neighborhood to the Moroccan gate, which Israeli soldiers and settlers aim to control and annex to Israel.
As for Hussein Haju, 52 years old with a heart condition, he was recently interrogated in an Israeli police station in Jerusalem under the pretext that he broke into his own home. Haju showed them documents proving he owns the house, but the Israeli Magistrate Court ordered Haju to evacuate his house anyway. Both of Haju’s appeals were rejected.

Source and more at the PNN – Palestine News Network

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