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Richard Silverstein | Dec 5, 2011 | Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place

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Likud’s Boy Wonder: Danny Danon

If you want to check on the pulse of Israeli fashion–that is the “fashion” of Israeli racism–you can do no better than study MK Danny Danon’s legislative agenda.  I don’t usually write about individual bills since there are so many far-right imbeciles who must have their say and they come up with more nonsense than you can shake a stick at.  But for MK Danon, for whom Matan Lurey has developed an apt moniker, ‘MKKK,’ I make an exception.

His new bill would demand that any Israeli seeking any sort of government ID whether a driver’s license, passport, graduation certificate, would have to sign a loyalty oath (Hebrew).  The provision is designed to disenfranchise Palestinian Israelis who, Danon presumes, would not do so.  One of the many lunatic aspects of this bill is that non-Jewish Israelis would have no problem signing a statement expressing loyalty to Israel.  Because they are loyal to Israel.  An Israel, that is, that is democratic and offers them rights as citizens.  This fact, that his bill would not achieve his aim, undoes all the venom Danon is attempting to inject into the social discourse with this harkening back to Nuremberg-type laws.  For Palestinian Israelis to refuse to sign, it would have to include a provision demanding loyalty to “the Jewish state, that is Israel.”  Even if such a bill with such language did pass, I doubt it could pass muster in the Supreme Court.  That is, unless new legal provisions permit a politicization of the nomination process allowing the Court to swing toward the settler outlook.

As if he hadn’t done enough to raise the volume of Jewish racism in Israel, Danon also added this zinger:

Israeli Arabs disrespect the laws of the nation having far higher rates of criminality than any other ethnic group.

Among his claims is that these Israeli citizens have voiced support for those “calling for the destruction of the State of Israel.”  Of course, he doesn’t say which Israelis did this, what they said, which group they allegedly supported, nor did he offer any support for the claim that the group mentioned supported the destruction of Israel.  Danny has a wee small problem with evidence.  He’s much better at the smear than at offering facts.

Another Likud ‘solon,’ Ofir Akunis, made the brilliant observation, in defending the Knesset’s draconian set of anti-democracy bills, that Joe McCarthy “was right in every word, the fact is -there were Soviet agents.”  This is the same distinguished advocate for free speech and democratic values who co-sponsored the bill which would outlaw foreign funding for Israeli NGOs.  In fact, in this interview he was arguing that Israeli NGOs. by accepting foreign money, are agents of foreign powers.  That makes the United Nations and European Union the equivalent of 1950s-era Communist subversives.  If you follow this argument to its proper insane conclusion you could argue that any American Jewish group that received any funding from Israel or an Israeli organization was an agent of a foreign power (i.e. Israel).  Is that really where you want to take this argument??

You have to wonder what planet these people are living on.  Akunis attempted to dig himself out of the hole he was in by claiming after the fact that McCarthy was only right in the sense that he pointed out Communists in the U.S. government.  You see, there’s a problem with idiots like this attempting to expound on subjects they know nothing about.  I’d rather him blather on about Israeli history.  At least he’d have half a chance of being accurate once in a while.  About U.S. history he’s hopeless.  McCarthy didn’t uncover a single Communist, though he sure as hell tried hard enough and ruined enough careers in the process.

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