With surgical precision Israel shot Mustafa Tamimi & deliberately delayed medical aid – Overview

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Picture via @Tweet_Palestine

Today a weekly “non-violent demo”, unarmed civilain, 28 year old Mustafa Tamimi, worker from Nabi Saleh was shot at close range (less than 10 according to eyewitness) and with precision and intent right in the face with a tear gas projectile and mutilated him for the rest of his life.

Mustafa Tamimi, a 28 year-old Palestinian from Nabi Salih is seen critically injured in the head after he was shot by an Israeli soldier with a tear gas canister from a short distance during the weekly demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Salih, 09.12.2011. Mustafa is in intensive care in an Israeli hospital. Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org

Pictures by Tamimi Press

Mustafa Tamimi shortly after ''using non-lethal #IOF weapon'' - Photo by Lazar Simeonov

At a moment there was said he might loose his eye and was in critical condition.

Mustafa Tamimi, a 28 year-old Palestinian from Nabi Salih is seen critically injured in the head after he was shot by an Israeli soldier with a tear gas canister from a short distance during the weekly demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Salih, 09.12.2011. Mustafa is in intensive care in an Israeli hospital. Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org

The friends of Mustafa we’re not allowed to take him to the hospital

Neither was family not allowed to see him

IOF took him to an ambulance for treatment, telling them an helicopter would come, which not turned up according to an eyewitness he was driven away in an ambulance to Petah Tikva.

Keeping back Palestinian ambulances for aid is a common policy of Israel. At checkpoint many women who are or going to be in labour are kept back causing many miscarriages est. 18.000 a year develop complications or even children die.

On Dec 10, 2011 the Israeli army again prevented an ambulance to a scene where 8 soldiers had beaten and kicked a taxi driver till he was unconsious.

Mustafa Tamimi, a 28 year-old Palestinian from Nabi Salih is seen critically injured in the head after he was shot by an Israeli soldier with a tear gas canister from a short distance during the weekly demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Salih, 09.12.2011. Mustafa is in intensive care in an Israeli hospital. Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org

A delegation of United Nations which was passing by the incident saw everything happening but did not even stop to see if any aid or assistance was required.

The Lies of Tzahal

Spokesperson for the army Captain BarakRaz denies there was use of rubber bullets.

While Bisan Tamimi, daughter of Naji Tamimi broke an arm due to a rubber coated bullet and Wa’d Tamimi, 14 year old son of Bassem and Nariman Tamimi broke a leg due to a rubber coated bullet as well as several others suffered injuries.

According to Israel defense forces Lt. Col. Avital Leibovitch, spokesperson on payroll of Tzahal to propagate lies via twitter (the twitter-commander in charge) Mustafa would have done this: (for the record she tweeted this at 18:40 exactly)

So let’s behold the footage of the Jeep and the attack by Tzahal, no slingshot in the picture at all

Mustafa Tamimi (left) a moment before his injury. Circled in red are the barrel of the gun and the projectile that hit him. A photo of the incident shows Tamimi at a distance of less than 10 meters behind the semi-open door of an army jeep with the gun aimed directly at him. Clearly visible in the photo is also the tear-gas projectile flying in his direction. Picture credit: Haim Scwarczenberg via @PSCC_Palestine

Mustafa Tamimi, a 28 year-old Palestinian from Nabi Salih is seen seconds after he got hit with a tear gas canister shot by an Israeli soldier with a tear gas canister from a short distance during the weekly demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Salih, 09.12.2011. Mustafa is in intensive care in an Israeli hospital. Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org

Here you see the Jeep still on breaklights, although the army insists the Jeep was driving. Even standing in the middle of the road, while another vehicle is approaching, Mustafa Tamimi falls to the ground

Here falling on the ground, the Jeep still on breaklights

Here the jeep OFF BREAKLIGHTS, moving ahead, without giving medical care or without checking the wounded for injuries which is a clear violation of human rights and every law imaginable in case of wounding non violent civilians.

The Illegal use of Riot Dispersal Ammunition as lethal weaponry

Article 14 of the UN Basic Principles provides:

“In the dispersal of violent assemblies, law enforcement officials may use firearms only when less dangerous means are not practicable and only to the minimum extent necessary.”

Firing a person from 1 meter range, in the face with a tear gas projectile is no use of “riot dispersal” but a direct attempt to manslaught.

Soldiers are expected to know targeting tear gas projectiles at the face can be deadly, esp from short range. Nevertheless did it not bother the soldier to act this way. The deliberate targeting, weekly of especially the Tamimi family, as well the  facts that today 3 of them got wounded may be a clear sign that Israel is not using it’s “riot dispersal methods” to disperse only a NON VIOLENT (!) demo, but uses it definitly to kill or at least to attempt to kill.

In procedures, “minimum extent necessary” a soldier, sitting inside an armored jeep like in this situation could have made, in case of alleged violence of a protester, many more other choices than shooting in short range a projectile of which is known to be deadly or possible cause such. Aside of all above this way of usage of riot disperal ammunition is even a violation of Israel’s own army protocol.

  1. He could have taken a hide behind the one closed door
  2. He could have closed the open door
  3. Or he could have told the driver to drive away and get out of reach

(Reminder, all these options were open, please keep in mind we are talking here about a full armored Jeep and soldiers armored and armed untill their teeth while the protester is not wearing any protection not arms.)

Tzahal claimed at one point today, that the protester “was running after the Jeep”. This can not be true because on the pictures is clearly visible that the break lights of the military vehicle are burning, so break is pushed in.

In the archive of videos on this blog you can see many videos of the weekly demos in Nabi Saleh. All of them show, the NON VIOLENT demos of the people in Nabi Saleh are turned into violent ones by Israel Occupation Forces themselves. The videos also leave nothing over for  imagination on the violence of the occupier towards non violent protesters.

The spokesperson told Ma’an they investigating at the moment, but called their  act legitimate, as they decided to suppress “a violent and illegal riot” with justifies according to them the use of riot dispersal. This would be the case if there was any violence of protesters, which wasn’t the case. And if so, it does not justify this kind of use of riot dispersal ammunition on this range which is violating every army protocol and international law and regulations about this kind of ammunition against unarmed civilians.

One photographer of Activestills and 2 friends of Mustafa Tamimi were detained at the Beilinson Hospital to which Mustafa was taken for urgent life saving surgery.

This is a picture of the Palestinian flag covered in Mustafa's blood - @MariamBarghouti

Ola Tamimi is seen shouting after she saw her brother, Mustafa Tamimi, a 28 year-old Palestinian resident from Nabi Saleh who was hit in the face by a tear gas projectile shot directly at him from only a few feet away during the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh, 09.12.2011. Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org

Begging Israeli soldiers to let Mostafas sister see him begging to let the Israeli army take him to hospital via @Tweet_Palestine

Video of Israel preventing a family member to see her wounded brother

United Nations Delegations Runs aways after being begged for help!

La Rue was welcomed to the village by a special, Palestinian-brand of modern art: empty teargas grenades hanging from wires (credit: Lazar Simeonov)

Frank La Rue, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression, attended the demonstration (credit: Lazar Simeonov)

The delegation  headed by Frank La Rue, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression. But apparently, he did not dare to use his “rights” at least to try to intermediate at the scene.

In the video of the non violent demo, which is as usuael turned violent by Israel, you can witness (around 7th minute of video) a protester begging: “Can You help?” “Can you Stop It?” “A man has been shot in the head! “

But the United Nations did not act, nor intervene, they just drove away. Aside from the army neglecting to give or allow care, even United Nations knowing a man was wounded neglected any form of humanitarian or medical aid or possible assistance.

The Zionist Hatred…

Vicious reader comments left on JPost article on Tamimi | by Larry Derfner | +972 Magazine

Read the talkbacks to the Jerusalem Post story on Mustafa Tamim’s critical injury, then death during Nabi Saleh demonstration from IDF tear gas cannister to the face, reportedly fired at close range.

From just the first five:

illiniwek: “The only thing the illegal alien arab moslem terrorist understands is brute force so therefore, the IDF should be using live rounds with shoot to kill orders for any rock thrower regardless of age and gender…”

John DeLancy: “…the Arab Muslmis are trying to kill Jews and the IDF hits back. Only, Hashem is protecting His people, the Jews. And He is not protecting the enemies of His chosen. “

AmIsraelchaielYahud: “Now with half his face gone he will only be half the trouble.”

Viiit: “That’s the price we pay for having them within the Land of Israel. The[y] have to go”

“GeorgeMartin: “too bad he is not seriously dead”

In West Bank protests of recent years, in which the Palestinian-to-IDF injury ratio has been hundreds-to-one, Tamimi, according to B’Tselem, was the 20th Palestinian killed. (note occupiedpalestine: With the death of Mustafa Tamimi the number of non violent protesters killed is now 22)


Only three persons are allowed a permit to visit Mustafa who is (17:29 Pal Time) in atoo critical condition for surgery

17:47 – Mustafa is not in a hospital, latest update

Mustafa is currently anesthetized, breathing through tubes, and his condition is described as serious. Tamimi is undergoing treatment in the trauma ward of the hospital, and is expected to undergo surgery later tonight. (source PSCC)


Dec 10, 2011


Dec 11, 2011
Overview of live messages, pictures  and words from Mustafa’s friends and comrades at the funeral in Nabi Saleh : The Funeral of Shaheed #MustafaTamimi – Buried in the very earth he fought for after Israel murdered him

انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون

‘Inna Lillahi wa ‘Inna ‘Ilayhi Raji’un, Allahu Akbar

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ ala grant the Shaheed Jannatul Firdaus,
and ease it for his families, loved ones and anyone around him. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabbil ‘Alameen.

The funeral of Mustafa Tamimi will leave Ramallah at Sunday Dec 11, 10AM reaching Nabi Saleh at 11AM

Mustafa and Family Tamimi


(Source PSCC)
Late in 2009, settlers began gradually taking over Ein al-Qaws (the Bow Spring), which personally belongs to Bashir Tamimi, the head of the Nabi Saleh village council. The settlers, abetted by the army, erected a shed over the spring, renamed it Maayan Meir, after a late settler, and began driving away Palestinians who came to use the spring by force – at times throwing stones or even pointing guns at them, threatening to shoot.

While residents of Nabi Saleh have already endured decades of continuous land grab and expulsion to allow for the ever continuing expansion of the Halamish settlement, the takeover of the spring served as the last straw that lead to the beginning of the village’s grassroots protest campaign of weekly demonstrations in demand for the return of their lands.

While the model of regularly held protests around the construction of Israel’s Separation Barrier became a common one in recent years, the protests in Nabi Saleh mark a significant break from that tradition, in that protest there is entirely unrelated to the Barrier. This expansion of the popular resistance model symbolizes the growing support the model enjoys among Palestinians, and the growing positive discourse around it across the Palestinian political spectrum.

Protest in the tiny village enjoys the regular support of International and Israeli activists, as well as that of Palestinians from the surrounding areas. Demonstrations in Nabi Saleh are also unique in the level of women participation in them, and the role they hold in all their aspects, including organizing. Such participation, which often also includes the participation of children mirrors the village’s commitment to a truly popular grassroots mobilization, encompassing all segments of the community.

The Israeli military’s response to the protests has been especially brutal and includes regularly laying complete siege on village every Friday, accompanied by the declaration of the entire village, including the built up area, as a closed military zone. Prior and during the demonstrations themselves, the army often completely occupies the village, in effect enforcing an undeclared curfew of sort. Military nighttime raids and arrest operations are also a common tactic in the army’s strategy of intimidation, often targeting minors.

In order to prevent the villagers and their supporters from exercising their fundamental right to demonstrate and march to their lands, soldiers regularly use disproportional force against the unarmed protesters. The means utilized by the army to hinder demonstrations include, but are not limited to, the use of tear-gas projectiles, banned high-velocity tear-gas projectiles, rubber-coated bullets and, at times, even live ammunition.

The use of such practices have already caused countless injuries, several of them serious, including those of children – the most serious of which is that of 14 year-old Ehab Barghouthi, who was shot in the head with a rubber-coated bullet from short range on March 5th, 2010 and laid comatose in the hospital for three weeks.

In complete disregard to the army’s own open fire regulations, soldiers often shoot tear-gas projectiles directly at groups of protesters or individuals and rubber bullets are indiscriminately shot at protesters from short distances. The army has also resumed using high velocity tear-gas projectiles in Nabi Saleh, despite the fact that they have declared banned for use after causing the death of Bassem Abu Rahmah in Bil’in in April 2009, and the critical injury of American protester Tristan Anderson in Ni’ilin in March of the same year.

Tear-gas, as well as a foul liquid called “The Skunk”, which is shot from a water cannon, is often used inside the built up area of the village, or even directly pointed into houses, in a way that allows no refuge for the uninvolved residents of the village, including children and the elderly. The interior of at least one house caught fire and was severely damaged after soldiers shot a tear-gas projectile through its windows.

Since December 2009, when protest in the village was sparked, hundreds of demonstration-related injuries caused by disproportionate military violence have been recorded in Nabi Saleh.

Between January 2010 and June 2011, the Israeli Army has carried 76 arrests of people detained for 24 hours or more on suspicions related to protest in the village of Nabi Saleh, including those of women and of children as young as 11 years old. Of the 76, 18 were minors. Dozens more were detained for shorter periods.
Footage of the attack will be uploaded later this evening as well as continuous updates of this post as news is available so keep checking this post for updates.

Umm Mustafa. May Allaah SWT grant you solace and ease it for all loves ones. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabbil 'Alameen.

To Mustafa’s Mother ~ By Bassem Tamimi

 In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate.
O beautiful mothers who have waited for their sons to return,
My beautiful sisters, which gave to the country what is most dear to the heart,
O most beautiful women dressed in mourning cloth,

For what do you want to sing and cry, what do you want of respect, loyalty, and order,

For when he gave the most precious, when the tender met the land’s call,
With tournament and sacrifice,
His soul went up to the heavens in splendor.
For this is the way of the free among the strain of the martyrs,
Of those who proceeded on the altar of freedom and redemption for Palestine.
For our belle Palestine the spirit pays a tribute and drenches the land with blood.
We comfort you and mourn you because you left like folding clouds in the sky,
So be our symbol who we seek its light.
Perhaps, my dearest sister, perhaps you are grasped in the perturbing sadness and in the numbness wounds,
Our blood defiled above the ground is a rose shining from behind the blockade,
A rose that lights the way for us to renew our path.
Mustafa’s blood writes; on the ground pregnant with the beloved; the opening anthem,
It is for Palestine that martyr fell after martyr, and when his hand captured the stone of the intifada (uprising) and victory,
The spirit of Umm Nizar ululated and Bakr sang.
We wont write about him or enrich him. As the doors of the heart leading to him and the reluctance of his songs with their hopes and aspirations announces his presence in us, and seek our presence in him.
On the walls we see his leaps,
On the ground we trace his footsteps,
In the fields we hear his whispering cry followed by a blessed stone that calls upon him,
We will remember him and will not forget him as he enriches us and we don’t enrich him.
God will bring him closer and purify him and grant him long life.
On our land pigmented with blood, in the village of redemption, the town of martyrs, the village of Nabi Saleh, the intifada of loyalty (uprising) opens the death laden.
Barbarians scatter snipers, invaders of death on the place and on the living,
To steal life and spread grief.
Earth groaned, when the murderers instilled the gas canister in Mustafa’s fragile flesh.
Leading his soul to the sky, to befriend the companions and prophets.
The seventh sky lights up and our mother, earth opens her heart to embrace his pure body to scent its ground with his blood.
On this day resistance is announced on the slopes, on the hills singing songs of revolutionaries for the land,
The voice announcing “we die for our people to live, Long live Palestine!”.
Do not shed tears Umm Mustafa, his soul embraces us to the spectra of freedom,
Through his eyes we will look on the horizon to our victory, the victory of blood over the sword. Dearest sister, it’s not easy or easy to self stand in such a situation, but with patience and faith you will come out from the circle of grief to reverence and honor that befit the presence of a martyr. So sleep in the skies Mustafa, and send Umm Nizar my greeting and tell her verily here we stay, like our olives trees resisting until we continue to be. Until we write the statement of victory, of a long desired life – humanitarian up to all the meanings of living of freedom, democracy, justice, human dignity and peace.
‘Peace be upon you the day you were born, the day you departed and the day you will be alive again’.
Greetings of peace to your mother and your father.
With warmth in my heart I dedicate this to you and to them.
Bassem Tamimi
Ofer prison.
إلى آم المصطفى

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

يا أجمل الأمهات التي انتظرت ابنها وعاد يا أجمل الأخوات التي أعطت للوطن مهجة الفؤاد يا أجمل النساء التي ما نزوت في ثياب الحداد لكي ما تشائين من الغناء ومن البكاء لكي ما تشائين من الاحترام والوفاء ولكي ما تشائين من المديح ومن الثناء فحين أعطى أجزل العطاء لبى للأرض النداء بالبطولة والفداء فصعدت روحه إلى العلياء في بهاء فهذا نهج الأحرار من سلالة الشهداء من سبقوه ع…لى مذبح الحرية والفداء لا اجل فلسطيننا الحسناء تدفع الروح مهرا وتسقي الأرض بالدماء فلنا فيك العزاء لأنك رحلت كالغيم
الملفع في السماء فكن شراعنا الذي نلتمس به الضياء .
لعلك يا أخت الروح في يقضة الحزن وغفوة الجراح ودمنا المستباح فوق الأرض وردة تلمع من خلف الحصار يضئ لنا الطريق لنجدد المسار فدم المصطفى يكتب على الأرض الحبلى بالأحباب الإحياء سفرا يقرأ فيه افتتاح النشيد فلأجل فلسطين سقط من الشهيد تلو الشهيد وحين قبضت كفه على حجرا الانتفاضة والنصر زغردت له روح ام نزار وغنى بكر لن نكتب عنه أو نرثيه فأبواب القلب تفضى إليه وتردد أغانيه وتحمل أماله وأمانيه تعلن حضوره فينا وتبحث عن حضورنا فيه فنرى على السور قفزته وعلى للأرض خطوته ونسمع في المدى صرخته حين يتبعه حجرا مباركا ينشده ويناديه سنذكره ولن ننساه فهو الذي يرثينا ولا نرثيه فالله يقربه
ويصطفيه وامتداد الحياة يجزيه .
على راضنا المخضبة بدمنا في قرية الفداء بلدة الشهداء النبي صالح انتفاضة الوفاء تفتح كوة من حُسن الموت المحمل برابرة العصر
 ليوزع قناصة الغزاة الموت على المكان والإنسان ليهب الحياة وترسيخ المعاناة تراب يئن يخضبه دم مصطفى حين يغرس ألقتله قنبلة الغاز في لحمه الطري فتصعد روحه إلى العلياء رفيق الصديقين والأنبياء يضئ سمائنا السابعة وتفتح أمنا الأرض قلبها لا احتضان طهر جسده لتعطر التراب من مسك دمه وفي يومه صهلت جيادنا المسرجة بالمقاومة على الروابي والسفوح تغني للأرض أغاني الثوار وتعلن بصوت دمه نموت ليعيش شعبنا وتحيا فلسطين
لا تبكيه يا أم مصطفى فروحه تأخدنا لنعانق أطياف حريتنا الحائرة ونطل من فضاء عينيه على أفق انتصارنا انتصار الدم على السيف فيا أخت الروح ليس الأمر سهلا ولا هينا على النفس الوقوف في مثل هذا الموقف ولكن بالصبر والإيمان نخرج من دائرة الحزن والفجيعة إلى مستوى الإجلال والإكرام الذي يليق بحضرة الدم والشهداء فنم في عليائك قرير العين يا حمامة سلامنا وأقرئ آم نزار مني السلام واخبرها إنا باقون هنا كأشجار زيتوننا نقاوم حتى نستمر في إن نكون ولنكتب في الأحمر القاني بيان انتصارنا للحياة المشتهاة التي نستحقها من بابها الإنساني صعودا إلى كل المعاني الحية من الحرية والديمقراطية والعدالة والكرامة الإنسانية والسلام .
سلام عليك يوم ولدت ويوم رحلت ويوم تبعث حيا والسلام.
وسلام على أمك وأبيك ودفئ قلبي اهديهم وأهديك.
باسم التميمي
سجن عوفر


With the death of Mustafa Tamimi since Jawaher Abu Rahma (1-1-2011) 22 civilian protesters were killed by Israel, more info can be found at this article at the website of the Popular Struggle in Bil’in

In pictures

@CaptainBarakRaz @AvitalLeibovich & @MajPeterLerner’s Hasbara exposed

Reminder: Israel has special “taskforces” on the internet to spread  hasbara (propaganda) or lies, or to mute the ones speaking truth. Read all it in the post:

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