B’Tselem: Extremists Jews Should be Dealt with as Criminals

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Date : 14/12/2011   Time : 19:37 | WAFA

The village of Duma – truck ignited. Today, 14:12:11, in the morning, settlers torched vehicles and sprayed Hebrew inscriptions in three villages in the northern West Bank, near Ariel. Photo:  B’ ‘Tselem, 14:12:11.


TEL AVIV, December 14, 2011 (WAFA) – B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territory, stated that the phenomenon of violence by Israeli citizens in the Occupied Territory must be dealt with through the criminal justice system, Wednesday said a press release published on the Center’s website.

In response to media reports that the Israeli government is considering declaring extreme rightwing Israeli activists to be a terrorist organization, B’Tselem stated that this is an illegitimate way to deal with the phenomenon of violence by Israeli citizens in the Occupied Territory, the release said.


It added that “the violence toward the military, which we have witnessed in recent days, is the result of Israel’s long-standing policy of lax law-enforcement toward settlers who harm Palestinians and their property.”


This policy is manifest at all levels, beginning with the soldiers on the ground, who do not prevent settlers from harming Palestinians and their property, and continuing with the Israel Police, who do not properly investigate such incidents, the release said.


It stated that before draconian measures are taken, soldiers should intervene to prevent attacks when they happen, detain perpetrators and give their testimony to the Police; investigators of the Shai Police Department should conduct basic investigative actions when Palestinians file complaints.

The release said that B’Tselem rejects statements heard Wednesday, calling on the military to fire live ammunition at settlers who attack soldiers. The open-fire regulations prohibit use of live ammunition except in extreme circumstances of mortal danger.


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