Army Demolishes Home In Jericho

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Friday December 16, 2011 12:09 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

Israeli troops demolished in the West Bank city of Jericho, on Thursday, a home that belongs to a political leader of the Hamas movement, currently imprisoned by Israel.

Shaker Amara - Palestine-Info
Shaker Amara – Palestine-Info

Local sources reported that the soldiers broke into the home of Shaker Amara, in Aqbat Jabr refugee camp, after hurling concussion grenades and gas bombs at the home to force the family out.

The soldiers then proceeding to demolish the property, and handed Obada, the oldest son of Amara, a military order for interrogation at a nearby Israeli security base.

The camp is located in an area that is under the full security and civil “control” of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

Amara has been detained by Israel, under administrative detention orders, since September of last year. Detainees held under administrative detention orders are held under what Israel calls “a secret file” that the defense attorney has no access to.

Such orders, 3, 6 months of more each time, can and has been repeatedly renewed by Israel, and in many cases the detainees were informed of such orders when they reached the prison gate, minutes before they were supposed to be released.

Amara previously spent more than eight years in Israel prisons. On December, 17 1992, he and 416 members of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad were forcibly exiled to Marj Az-Zohour, in southern Lebanon. The camped there, refusing to head to Lebanon, until the Israeli army moved them back to the country.

One of them was Abdul-Aziz Ransiti, a senior Hamas political leader, who was assassinated by the army on April 17, 2004.

Source and more at the International Middle East Media Center.

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Israel’s Jerusalem municipality plans to build more than 50,000 (updated Dec 3, 2011: 85.000) new homes in the city’s occupied eastern sector over two decades:

  • 23,628 homes have already been approved, 20,263 in East Jerusalem and 3,365 in the west.
  • 13,824 are pending review, 12,819 in East Jerusalem and 1,005 in the west.
  • 23,266 housing units are still in planning stages, 19,281 in the east and 3,985 in the west.

Of these, the municipality plans:

  • 10,366 homes in northern East Jerusalem, including illegal Israeli settlement Pisgat Zeev and Palestinian town Beit Hanina.
  • 5,239 homes in southern East Jerusalem, including Gilo settlement and Palestinian district Beit Safafa.
  • 4,886 new units in central eastern Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan and Jerusalem’s Old City.

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Besides this, Israel approved plans to ethnic cleanse 57.000 bedouin from Palestine

Save yourself time. It is only about this : Ethnic Cleansing

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