Families of political prisoners: 76 political arrests since Abbas-Mishaal meeting

[ 17/12/2011 – 02:11 PM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)– The committee representing families of political prisoners in the West Bank revealed a list of 76 names of Palestinians who have been detained by the PA security forces since the meeting in Cairo between Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Mishaal last month.

A statement by the committee said that 90% of the detentions were carried out by the preventive security and the rest were carried out by the general intelligence stressing that 50 of them are still in detention.

The statement added that there are more than 120 summonses and 8 cases of sacking from jobs for political reasons since the meeting in addition to trying a number of detainees and freed prisoners.

The families called on the PA in the West Bank to immediately release all political detainees to coincide with the second phase of the prisoner-exchange on Sunday. They called on all parties of the reconciliation to ensure the release of their relatives.

The committee concluded its statement by stressing that the number of political prisoners rose to 140 affiliated with various Palestinian factions in different prisons in the West bank.

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

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