Innocent civilians suffer most in Israeli air strikes

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The widow of Bahgat Al Zalan and their children
Image Credit: Nasser Najjar/Gulf News
The widow of Bahgat Al Zalan and their children said she found her husband covering their six-month-old baby in the rubble of their house that collapsed following an Israeli airstrike.

Survivors narrate their harrowing experiences


By Nasser Najjar, Correspondent | Published Dec 18, 2011


Gaza: There has been an escalation of violence between Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Israel as the latter has bombed areas considered “military compounds” in recent weeks.

No one, however, has spoken about the “collateral damage” caused by this so-called “targeting.” Medical reports show that civilians bore the brunt of such attacks. “Israel doesn’t take into consideration the densely populated areas around the compounds that they strike,” Khalil Abu Shamalah, head of Al Damer for Human Rights, said. “As a result there is a great deal of panic and confusion in the aftermath of these strikes,” he added.

The home of Ahmad Dahlan, 30, was heavily damaged after an Israeli strike hit 300 metres away.

Constant fear


“We cannot leave our house because we cannot afford to buy a new one. We are living in constant fear,” he told Gulf News. “This is the second time since 2008 that I’ve had to repair my house after an Israeli strike. Fortunately, none of my children were killed or injured in the attack, but I’m worried about their mental health [as they] live in constant fear,” he said.

Dahlan is considered one of the lucky ones. Just across the street, the Al Zalan family lost two family members after their house collapsed over them following an Israeli strike nearby. Bahgat Al Zalan, 38, along with his eldest son Ramadan, 10, died. Five other family members were injured and are currently in intensive care.

Al Zalan’s wife became a widow at the young age of 30, and has to take care of her four children. She spoke to Gulf News, in an emotional account of what happened. “We were asleep when we heard loud explosions. The house shook and fell on top of our heads. My back was badly injured. I was panicking to find my family members but couldn’t see anything due to the huge cloud of dust,” she explained. “One by one my family members were pulled out from underneath the rubble. It was then when I found out my husband had been killed. His body was covering our six-month-old baby,” she said.

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Martyred By Israeli Occupation Attacks

انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ ala grant the Shuhada Jannatul Firdaus, and ease it for their families, loved ones and anyone around them. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabbil Alameen. ‘ Inna Lillahi wa ‘ Inna ‘ Ilayhi Raji’un, Allahu Akbar


* The list of shuhada does not display, the numerous victims of the zionist occupation which are undocumented by media. Nor it displays the victims of the “silent onslaught” due to restrictions of movement, ability to go to hospitals for treatment or life saving surgery, due to lack of medication because of the blockades and so on. For example: The Slow Motion Genocide by the Siege on Gaza only, killed 600 patients since Gaza got under Israeli Siege.

For an overview of All Israeli Massacres Palestinians go here

Neither does this list, display the avoidable mortality. A clear and statistical factual evidence, about the number of deaths due to indecent ruling by occupation forces. For even an occupier has obligations under International Laws, Geneva Convention and the Hague regulations, which it is neglecting. These circumstances, together with deliberate policies of the occupier to neglect and even deny every basic human right, severes avoidable mortality which is totally silenced by media or reporting organisations. While in the Holocaust, 1 on 6 Jewish people directly died of deliberate neglect, so if we believe the facts over 1 million due to avoidable mortality, neither should these same circumstances be ignores which are ongoing in Palestine. For this report displays a avoidable morality of at least 0,5 million Palestinians.

How many more dead corpses of Palestinians does the international community need to see in order to act? How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all.

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