Report: UK Diplomat wife dies after forced to renew Jerusalem permit

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Maan News Agency | Dec 17, 2011

LONDON (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities forced the wife of the Palestinian ambassador to the UK to return to Jerusalem to renew her residency status during chemotherapy treatment, British media reported on Friday.

Samira Hassassian died in August aged 57 after she contracted a virus on the return flight to the UK in the midst of cancer treatment, her husband Manuel told The Guardian newspaper.

A spokesperson at the Israeli embassy in London denied Samira had been refused an extension of her residency, telling the paper “If there is a health issue there is no question that she would have had to travel.”

Palestinians have to renew their residency status in East Jerusalem with the Israeli authorities every two years. Hassassian said his wife, who was a US-trained chemist and lecturer in business studies, was determined not to lose her right to live in East Jerusalem.

Source and more at the Maan News Agency

How many more dead corpses of Palestinians and others, does the International community need to see in order to act? How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all.

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