Family committee says political arrests still ongoing even with national talks

[ 21/12/2011 – 11:47 AM ]

ALKHALIL, (PIC)– The family committee of political prisoners said the Palestinian authority security apparatuses still carry out arbitrary detention campaigns in West Bank areas despite the national reconciliation meetings underway between Hamas and Fatah factions.

The committee, in a joint statement with the association of Muslim youth, invited the Palestinians to participate in the 25th protest to condemn violation of freedoms in the West Bank.

The protesters will demand the PA to end its political detention of Palestinian citizens and its unjust dismissal of civil servants from their jobs because of their political affiliations.

“Violation of freedoms thwart meetings” will be the watchword of this protest slated to be held Thursday afternoon in Al-Khalil city.

According to the statement, more than 90 arbitrary political arrests happened from the last meeting between Palestinian leaders Khaled Mashaal and Mahmoud Abbas on 24 November until Tuesday 20 December.

More than 150 other citizens were also summoned for interrogation and 17 teachers were fired from their jobs because of their political affiliations, it added.

In a related incident, four Palestinians affiliated with Hamas Movement were kidnapped by PA security forces in the cities of Nablus, Jericho, Salfit and Al-Khalil, according to a report by the Palestinian information center (PIC) on Tuesday.

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

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