Settlers attack school children in Hebron

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A Palestinian schoolgirl cries after Isr

Archive Photo: Schoolchildren harassed , Oct 11 2011, Al-Khalil (Hebron) Photos by Hossam Abu Alan & Hazem Bader

Maan News Agency | Dec 29, 2011

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers on Thursday attacked schoolchildren in Hebron city center, witnesses said.

Locals told Ma’an settlers tried to stab Mustafa al-Qadi, a sixth-grade pupil at Qartaba primary school, and hit his friend who tried to defend him.

Witnesses said Israeli soldiers watched the incident but did not intervene.

The director of the Hebron office of the education ministry condemned

Director of the Education ministry’s office in Hebron Nisreen Amr condemned settlers’ racist attacks and called for international protection for students and teachers in the city.

Around 800 Jewish settlers live in Hebron’s city center, guarded by Israeli troops.
Source and more at the Maan News Agency

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