Settlers Attack Palestinian in Husan Village, Bethlehem

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PNN – Palestine News Network – 31.12.11 – 20:54

PNN – On Friday, a Palestinian worker was injured in settlers attack while he was working in Beitar Illit settlement that was built on the lands of Husan, Nahalin and Wadi Fukin.


Red Crescent emergency director, Abdul Halim al-Ja’afra, said that they received a call from the Israeli liaison saying that a Palestinian worker, whose name is Khaled Hussein Hamamrah, 40, was attacked and injured on the lands of Beitar Illit settlement.

The ambulance rushed to the place, and started diagnosing him, and according to his statement, we knew that he was attacked by a sharp tool by one of the settlers while he was working: the settler cut his left ear, wounded his right eye and severely beat him on the head.

Then Hamamrah was transferred to Bethlehem Arab Society Hospital, to continue his treatment there.

Source and more at the PNN – Palestine News Network

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