Prisoners: February Would Have Escalation in case Israel Doesn’t Respond to their Requirements

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PNN – Palestine News Network – 02.01.12 – 22:31

PNN -The prisoners’ movement in the Israeli prisons asked the Israeli prison administration to bring back the situation in the prisons, as it was before the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit. After Hamas kidnapped Gilad Shalit, Israel imposed many illegal process on prisoners, one of them was named to Shalit. These demands were asked while the lawyer of the prisoners’ club visited Rimon’s prison.
the prisoners’ representative in Rimon’s Prison,Jamal Rjoub, said “Recently, we called on the Israeli concerned Parties in Israel asking them to bring back the situation in the prison as it was before Hamas kidnapping of Shalit, they responded  that they would form a committee under the supervision of Elie Gibson, who knows the prisons’ conditions, and this committee would study those requests”.
In case they did achieved their requirements, there would be an escalation starting on February 2012, confirming the importance of discussing this issue with the concerned parties, and to put foreign pressure on them to achieve the prisoners’ demands.
Some of these demands are: the ability to continue their Tawjihi and University studies, allowing Gaza prisoners’ Parents to take permits and visit them, bringing back the stations on TVs, allowing second level visits, good quality of food, allowing them to make phone calls with their families, especially in occasions, and cancelling the solitary confinement.
Rjoub said that there is possibility that Israel may close al-Naqab prison and move the prisoners to Nafha and Rimon prisons. He said that there are four or five empty sections in Rimon prison and in the other sections, there is a capacity to receive prisoners there. The old sections in Nafha prison would be reopened, so there would be four other empty sections.

Source and more at the PNN – Palestine News Network

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