Israel kidnapped & interrogated a 6-year old child for four hours

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Jan 3, 2012 | Updated Jan 4, 2012 | Overview arrested continuously updated

6 years old Mohammed Ali Dirbas was kidnapped, arrested & interrogated for 4 hours on Jan 3, 2011

Israel’s mayhem against children is getting beyond every imagination. On Jan 3, three young children were arrested. The youngest was only 6 years old: Mohammed Ali Dirbas who was kidnapped from the street while going to the grocery store. After that Israel detained and interrogated little Mohammed for 4 hours.

Today Jan 4, 2012 we decide to go blog all future child arrests and campaign this information around  to create awareness for these zionist atrocities of the worst kind.

The arrest of a 6 year old is really the limit. At the moment over 160 children already are illegally detained, arbitrary and in violation with literally all International Laws, arrested, kidnapped, interrogated by every disregard of higher laws or regulations, tortured, and neglected – when ill-  even to death.

The new overview of all arrests of children will be daily and continuously updated with arrests of children if they occur and we want to ask all to help raise the awareness by sharing (and keep sharing this post), reblog it on your own weblog, website or refer or link to it.

The following updates have been published by media and/or reported and confirmed by activists on the ground in Silwan and ‘Isawiyya with regard to the appalling arrest of the 6 year old child Mohammed Ali Dirbas from Al’Isawiyya which updates will be maintained in this post for quick insights for all who want to know which depths zionist occupation has reached.

Below the list of arrests, resources and related information, reports of human rights organisations and legal context or documents will be continuously updated as well for your reference.

In a special topic about Israeli violence against children you can get an impression of the violence, abuse, torture and even death to which Palestinian children are expose due to Israeli violations and disrespect of International Laws and every moral sense possible.

Due to immense increase of the violence, the post only mentions incidents til May 2011, the following confirmed and documented cases can be found  Category Children

This post will be continuously updated.

Undercover forces kidnapped a child from Issawiya village

Jerusalem Center for Media – Rami Ghraib – Asmaa Thaher
A group of undercover forces kidnapped a Maqdisi child called Muhammad Ali Moussa Daoud Derbas (6 years old) while the rest of the children managed to escape from their hands. Our correspondent said this forces were able to breaking into the outskirts of the village of Issawiya northeast of occupied Jerusalem and immediately attempted abduction of a number of children. The occupation forces threw tear gas and sound bombs at houses and trees in the district and the territory of Dahra and Elayan family lands.

And as a result tens of citizens were injured with cases of suffocation and all treated in the field

Source: QudsMedia

قوة من المستعربين تعتقل طفلا يبلغ 6 سنوات في العيسوية
Source: Maan News Arabic

Update 1

Wednesday January 04, 2012 07:52 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

The Maan News Agency reported that undercover forces of the Israeli army kidnapped a 6-year-old child in Al-Esawiyya town, in occupied East Jerusalem, and detained him for several hours before releasing him.

Israeli border troops in East Jerusalem image by 972Mag)
Israeli border troops in East Jerusalem image by 972Mag)

The undercover forces infiltrated into the town during clashes between Israeli soldiers and local youths; they chased some youths and children in the streets of the town before kidnapping Mohammad Ali Dirbas, 6, who was heading to a neighborhood shop, and took him to a local police station.

The army then kept the child in detention for four hours, and interrogated him in an attempt to intimate him in order to give them names of youths who hurled stones at the soldiers.

His grandfather told Maan that he was allowed to take his grandson back home after four hours, and stated that he will be taking him to a local hospital for health checkup.

Maan reporter spoke to the child after he was released, and the child said; “The Police tried to terrify me, but they can’t scare me, they must leave our land”.

Local sources reported that Israeli soldiers and undercover forces invaded the town and tried to kidnap a number of youths and children, and also fired gas bombs and concussion grenades at random; several residents suffocated after inhaling gas, and were treated by field medics.

In related news, soldiers kidnapped a young Palestinian woman in Kufr Qaddoum, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia.

Maha Ghazi Barham was returning back home after visiting her brother, who is imprisoned by Israel, and took her to an unknown location. Barham was stopped at the northern roadblock in Qalqilia; her family demanded human rights groups to intervene in order to locate their detained daughter, and ensure her release.

Source and more at the nternational Middle East Media Center.

1 (آخر تحديث)

قوة من المستعربين تعتقل طفلا يبلغ 6 سنوات في العيسوية
ٍSource Maan News Agency

Update 2

Maan News Agency | Published today (updated) 04/01/2012 10:32
Muhammad Ali Dirbas, 6, was detained by
Israeli forces in Jerusalem on Tuesday, his
relatives said. (MaanImages/HO)

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — An undercover Israeli force briefly detained a 6-year-old boy in East Jerusalem on Tuesday, relatives said.

The child’s grandfather Dawood Dirbas told Ma’an that Israeli officers raided al-Isawiya and local youth threw stones at the military vehicles.

He said his grandson Muhammad Ali Dirbas was going to the shop when Israeli forces apprehended him and took him to a police station in Salah Addin street where he was interrogated for four hours.

On his release, Muhammad told a Ma’an reporter that police officers tried to scare him “but I am not afraid of them, and they must leave our land.”

Residents of al-Isawiya told Ma’an that Israeli forces and undercover police raided the town, firing stun grenades and tear gas as they tried to detain children.

In July, masked, armed Israeli forces were caught on camera detaining teenagers playing football in East Jerusalem.

One of the boys detained, 13-year-old Islam Jaber, said he was taken to a graveyard and beaten up

Source and more at Maan News Agency

Violence against Children

Obstruction of medical aid kills children

Children of Palestine are not only threatened by arrests, just a few days ago a 7 month old baby died because Israel obstructed the permit for live saving surgery and the child died. Seven-month-old Adham Baroud died at the Al Rantissi Children’s Hospital’s in Gaza City at around 1am on 26 December. He had been referred to Israel for emergency treatment by his doctors in Gaza on 1 December.

  • Aside from 173 other children who died due to the same obstruction of medical care. (Report)
  • 35 babies died, due to obstruction of medical care or access restriction at checkpoints (Report)
  • The chance of being born for Palestinians in Israel knows a deathratio of 14/1000 against 3/1000 life births due to racist policies of Israel. Many services to which israel according to International Law, Art.55 & 56 of the Fourth Geneva convention is obliged are neglected causing shocking healthrisks for people, children and thus an unacceptable death birt rate (Report)

Child Prisoners

Over 160 children are still detained illegally and in violation with law, arbitrary or trailed by military courts. They are not exempted from torture

  • Stone Cold Justice – Israel’s Detention & Torture of Children – Report
  • Israel Torture Palestinian Children by Electric-Shocking – Report
  • Abusing Palestinian Children – Report
  • B’Tselem: Jerusalemite children tortured by Israeli interrogators – B’Tselem – Report
  • More about Israeli Torture

Attacks on Children

Aside from daily arrests of children in the West Bank, many children in Gaza encounter targeting by snipers and get shot or wounded, handicapped and in many cases killed. Even while sleeping in their beds in the middle at the night, attacks by arrests are mainly undertaken by night, and aggressive violent attacks like bombings on Gaza also. Children do get killed while asleep while you turn side in  your bed being unaware.

Kidnapping & Arrests of Children

Especially in Jerusalem many children are kidnapped. By the police, army, settlers and as is showed in a hidden camera captured video you can witness a child abduction of a soccer playing child at broad daylight in Jerusalem by undercover Israeli forces.

7,000 is the estimated number of Palestinian children detained and prosecuted in Israeli military courts since 2000, shows a report by Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP)

87% – Children subjected to some form of physical violence while in custody.
91%  – Believed to be blindfolded at some point during their detention.
12 % – The minimum age of criminal responsibility, as stipulated in the Military Order 1651.
62% – The percentage of children arrested between 12am and 5am.

  • Undercover forces captured on film kidnapping a child in  – video
  • Silwan Targeted – video
  • Children in Silwan – video
  • Stolen Children, Stolen Lives ~ Israel’s arrest & abuse of Palestinian Children – video
  • 383 Palestinian children arrested in 2011, 15 in the last week aloneMondoweiss
  • Detaining children is big business for zionism: 900.000$ cashed in 9 months


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Action Alert

This post will be updated in the coming hours as more information comes available.  In the meanwhile we want to urge anyone to contact your representatives and share this information as wide as possible to create awareness about the violations against children.

Send copies to your friends, contacts, networks or send the link to the people or organisations below by twitter:


Deprivation of Basic Needs Cost Lives also of Children
Healthcare | Electricity | Water | Communication

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