International Solidarity: Israeli Court Extends the Arrest of PNN Reporter for 12 Days

Some examples of Israel’s policies to crackdown on PRESS & journalists to prevent you SEE TRUTH about Palestine

PNN – 05.01.12 – 03:09

PNN -On Wednesday, the lawyer of the International Solidarity institution of human rights, said that the Israeli Salim Court extended the arrest of PNN reporter, Amin Abu Warda, for 12 days to complete the interrogation, based on the military prosecution order.
The searcher at the International Solidarity of human rights, Ahmad al-Bitawi, said that the Journalist Abu Wardah, 46, was arrested in December 28, 2011. During his 20-hour continuous interrogations in Petah Tikva, Abu Wardah was standing on his feet, his hands were cuffed and he wasn’t allowed to take a rest. The Israeli authorities also forbade Abu Warda from calling the lawyer.
Abu Warda was transferred to al-Ramlah hospital, after the deterioration of his health, as he suffers from heart problems.
Al-Bitawi said that Abu Warda is married, and a father of five children, he works as a reporter for the PNN, and the Emirates Gulf newspaper. He is completing his PhD in media, in Malaysia.It is expected that Abu Warda’s trial would be in January 15, 2012.
Ahmad al-Bitawi asked for the immediate release of Abu Wardah, and the rest of the detained Journalists, who were arrested while they were doing their jobs, which covered several Israeli procedures and violations in Palestine.

Source and more at the PNN – Palestine News Network

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

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