Captain Israel is back, and better than ever!

by gangreentv on January 6, 2012 | Mondoweiss

Captain Israel, the hyper-masculine comic book creation published by ultra-right Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs is so over-the-top in its portrayal of all things Israel as perfect in every way, that it’s almost a self-parody.

But fiddling about in Photoshop and altering a few word bubbles gives the good captain the culture-jam treatment, flipping the script and turning his anti-Palestinian propaganda campaign into self-reflexive hasbara humor. (Click on the first image below to view it larger, and then click in the upper right hand corner to scroll to the next page.)

From Capt Israel #2 – The Venomous BDS:

Captain Israel after

The original:

Captain Israel before

Source and more at Mondoweiss.

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