Khreisha: Amman meeting formed a lifeline for the Zionist entity

[ 06/01/2012 – 12:09 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Hasan Khreisha, said that he was surprised that the PA in Ramallah went back to direct negotiations with the Zionist entity contradicting with its own declared position in this regard.

In a statement to Quds Press, he said that the Amman meeting puts the credibility of the PA into question, especially after the speech by Mahmoud Abbas in the United Nations, which indicated that the PA was going towards a new phase of struggle for freedom and after the declaration in Cairo that Fatah and Hamas were going for a new political partnership.

Khreisha said: “Does this political partnership mean authorising Abbas to go ahead with negotiations?” He also questioned the Jordanian move at this time, especially that such initiatives used to be the role of Egypt?

Khreisha stressed that the Amman meeting and the meetings that will follow as announced by the Jordanian Foreign Minister, Naser Joudah, will form “a lifeline for Israel at a time it is facing crises at home and abroad.”

He expressed hope that the Palestinian reconciliation is not affected by the Amman meeting and called for revealing details of the second Mishaal-Abbas meeting in Cairo and whether Abbas was authorised to negotiate.

With regard to Palestinian options, Khreisha said: “This sort of talk is just to show that we have cards. Abbas said that he had options other than going for an uprising and resistance, but I believe that Abbas cannot decide to go for any of those option. Even the option of dismantling the PA is not in the hands of Abbas, because the Europe and the US invested huge capital in this authority which has become one of their arms and they can always replace leaders.”

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

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