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Jan 7, 2012 | ArabDissident | The 365Run Weblog

To: Mister Sarkozy, president of a supposed to be democratic France

I am no soldier to fight with guns and break the siege.

I am no politician to influence masses and break the siege.

I am no Palestinian but we should all be.

For almost a century now, we, citizens of Earth, allow the slaughtering, the mass deportations, the obvious extermination of a people, its language, its culture, its History. We also allow a territory of forty-one kilometers long and at its most, twelve of large, to be the one and only open prison with its cities, schools, neighborhoods, children and weddings.

In a prison, we put criminals.

In a prison, we punish people for they harmed the society by actions and plans, not for thoughts.

In a prison, there is no child.

In a prison, there should be not a single innocent soul.

I believe in Justice, Equality and Freedom. I believe each person has human rights; the right to eat whenever hunger strikes, the right for a future, the right for security, the right for being. I lost hope in France being the soil of the Human Rights. I lost hope in the Revolution that overthrew a monarchy to lead its people toward a brighter country. I lost hope in you, Mister President, for being the president of a Democracy. How can you let our country allow the biggest crime against Humanity happening for more than a century, still going on? How can you allow and support a dogma called Zionism, not recognizing the Palestinians, depriving them for their basic rights, while you are supposed to support and defend those same basic rights?

I am ashamed of your decisions and positions. I am ashamed of you Mister President. I am truly ashamed for you are blind to the lives taken, to the destroyed futures, to the killed hopes and dreams, for the sake of the all-time victim of Europe’s History. The great guilt will know no salvation by committing the exact same crime again.

Today, I am going on a hunger strike because of a million people marching and chanting, you don’t care to listen.

Today, I call for the people to stand before you and your American friend, the President Obama; both of you supporting the criminal Benjamin Netanyahu in the Prime Minister position.

I blame France for the siege on Gaza. I blame France for not taking the right path to Justice, Equality and Freedom. I blame France for as much as I blame Israel, the gun holder.

Today, I will no longer be silent.

Today, you have to think again and take the right decision. Today, you have to stop supporting a country slaughtering the Palestinians, depriving them for their basic rights, humiliating them every single day for being Palestinians.

How would you feel, Mister President, if your Ancestors and beloved ones were being massacred before you? How would you feel, Mister President, if your wife was abused at a checkpoint when a gun on your forehead leaves only your eyes free to cry? How would you feel if your family was thrown out of its home and sent to refugee camps? How would you feel if your home was taken from you leaving you with nowhere to go, nowhere to find refuge?

How will you feel, Mister President, when the criminals and accomplices will be judge for the crimes against Palestine? How would you feel, Mister President, in the criminal’s cloths and position?

Today, you have to take the right decision for the sake of Justice.

A random French citizen.

Amatullah Omaima Zahiri Hassani Fertate

Source and more at the weblog of Arab Dissicent at The 365 Run

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