Archive | January 8, 2012

Al-Walajeh demo attacked by Israeli Army – in pictures

Ethnic Cleansing – Topic | Settlement Construction – Category – Pictures Direct action against the building of the Wall, Al-Walajeh From Anne Paq | Jan 8, 2012 Today there was a direct action organized in Al-Walajeh village close to Bethlehem. A group of Israel activists sit in front of a caterpillar bulldozer which was working […]

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Israeli military commends itself for saving, not taking, lives ~ by @samikishawi

Related: Deprivation of Basic Needs Cost Lives! Healthcare | Electricity| Water | Communication January 8, 2012 By Sami Kishawi | smpalestine   After reading the Israeli military’s latest report on its service to humanity, one might actually be compelled to believe that the Israeli military “is always ready to leave everything behind and save lives”. […]

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