Israel Steals 85% of Palestinian Water

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Palestine News Network – Thursday, 05 January 2012










Jamil Matawir, deputy chairman of the PA Ministry of Environmental Affairs, said on Sunday that Israel controls up to 85% of Palestinian wells and underground water resources, negatively affecting the Palestinian ecosystem.


The conference in Ramallah where Matawir was speaking was held to “shed light on Israeli occupation polices against Palestinian water [resources], depriving people in Gaza and the West Bank.”


Matawir called on the United Nations to send a mission to investigate the effect of Israeli control of Palestinian water resources on the environment.


General director of the National Water Council Ahmed al-Hindi said the average individual Palestinian consumption reaches to 70 liters of water a day, in some rural areas going as low as 20 liters. The recommended level of the World Health Organization is 100 liters per day. The average individual Israeli consumption, according to Israeli human rights organization B’tselem, is 242 liters a day, or three times the Palestinian average.


“The Palestinian need for sufficient quantities of water is a sustained problem created by Israeli polices based on discrimination and deprivation,” said al-Hindi. “Israel controls the land and handicaps the work of the joint water committee, delaying implementation of water and sewage projects, destroying water wells and confiscating underground water in Areas B and C.”


Al-Hindi charged Israel with violating several international agreements, including the 1994 Oslo Accords, which mandates Israeli recognition of Palestinian rights to water and Article 55 of the Hague Regulations, which prevent Israel from using water resources of an occupied territory for any use besides the military or in excess of previous use levels.


Matawir also said Israel has uprooted more than 1.5 million olive trees since 2000. According to the 2009 UN Human Development report, uprooting trees has greatly affected the atmosphere. Levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) has increased to 600 tons, while the remaining trees were able to absorb only about 1.5 percent of greenhouse gases.

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