17 Year Old Student Injured in Jewish Settler’s Hit and Run Attack

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Palestinian Red Crescent Ambulance waiting at a checkpoint - Photo by ICRC

Palestine News & Info Agency – WAFA | Date : 12/1/2012

NABLUS, January 12, 2012 (WAFA) – A Jewish settler driving on the main road to Nablus Thursday ran over a 17-year-old Palestinian student from Einabus, a village south of Nablus, causing her minor injuries, according to local sources.

They said that Angham Imran was on her way to school in nearby Hawwara and while she was crossing the main road, she was surprised by a car driven by an Israeli settler which ran her over and fled the scene.

Imran was transferred to hospital where her injuries were described as minor.


Palestine News & Info Agency – WAFA – Palestinian Teenager Injured by Jewish Settler’s Hit and Run.

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