Human rights group calls for ending ban on visits to Gaza prisoners

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[ 15/01/2012 – 01:13 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Ansar Al-Asra human rights group has urged the Red Cross and international institutions to pressure the Israeli government into allowing family visits to the Gaza prisoners.

It said in a statement on Sunday that there should be an international pressure lobby to end the suffering of the families of those prisoners who have been deprived of visiting their next of kin since 2006 when Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was captured and held in Gaza.

The group noted that the Gaza prisoners are also deprived of buying their personal needs and winter clothes, which were usually supplied by their relatives.

It said that the fourth Geneva Convention clearly states the right of prisoners to receive visits, especially from their relatives, on regular basis. It said that the Israeli pretext that the deprivation was imposed after the capture of Shalit was now obsolete as the soldier was freed in the prisoners’ exchange deal between Hamas and Israel.

The group underlined that Israel was retaining 470 Gazans in its jails, adding that dozens others were deprived of family visits, even before the capture of Shalit, at trivial security pretexts.


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