Israeli higher court refuses reunion of Jerusalem families

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[ 15/01/2012 – 12:54 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Jerusalem center for social and economic rights warned the Israel higher court’s decision to reject the reunion petitions filed since 1993 by Jerusalemite families would open the way for the displacement of thousands of natives from the holy city.

The center slammed the decision and considered it an endorsement by the highest judicial authority to silently cleanse the Palestinian natives from their holy city.

The Israeli higher court rejected a few days ago all appeals lodged by many human rights groups against an Israeli law banning the reunion of Jerusalemite families.

“This decision confirms that fact that this court is just a tool contributing to the silent expulsion of the natives from their city and serving the essence of the new-old Israeli policy in Jerusalem, which is aimed at increasing the number of settlers, limiting the growth of Jerusalemites and forcing them to leave their city,” the center said.

The center also warned that if the failure of the international community to end Israel’s violation of the natives’ rights in Jerusalem persisted, there would be nothing of Jerusalem to discuss on the negotiation table.


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