Jewish settlers assault Palestinian shepherd, Jerusalemite youth

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[ 17/01/2012 – 10:12 AM ]

JENIN, (PIC)– Jewish settlers assaulted a Palestinian shepherd in the northern Jordan Valley area of Wadi Al-Malih and threatened other shepherds against bringing their sheep for grazing near the Maskiot settlement in that area.

The local council of Wadi Al-Malih and Bedouin tribes in the area said in a press release on Monday afternoon that the guard of that settlement beat up the shepherd and detained him and threatened any other shepherd passing near the settlement.

In another incident, Jewish settlers attacked a Jerusalemite youth with batons and sharp tools while at work in western Jerusalem on Sunday.

The victim Majdi Abu Ghazala, 21, said that eight settlers, one of them a woman, surrounded him outside the restaurant where he was working and attacked him after shouting “kill him”.

He said that he fled back into the restaurant and one of the workers there called the police as three of those settlers remained watching from a distance.

Abu Ghazala said that police questioned him after arriving at the scene and only searched one of the settlers, who were still standing nearby, and ordered them out of the place.

He said that fanatic Jews daily provoke and insult Palestinians using racist slurs, adding that the absence of deterrence encourages them to continue in their behavior.

The attack on Jerusalemites while passing or working in western Jerusalem has been on the rise over the past two years as one of those attacks led to the death of Husam Ruwaidi while others were hospitalized with broken limbs. Israeli police always close investigations into such incidents for “lack of evidence”.


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