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According a 2012 Israeli civil Administration plan, some 20 Bedouin communities situated along the Jerusalem-Jericho road near the E-1 area are planned to be relocated to the waste disposal site in Abu Dis.  A Bedouin school girl in the Palestinian-Bedouin community of Khan al Ahmar, Jerusalem Periphery, 07.12.2011.Photo by: Anne Paq/ cc: flickr

General, Palestinian Rights | Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann ‏| Jan 18, 2012

Recently, Rabbis for Human Rights has launched a letter campaign asking Jewish community leaders around the world  to urge that the Israeli government cancel its plan concerning the relocation of the Jahalin Bedouin to a trash dump near Jerusalem. See the text of our letter below:

Dear _______,

Please urge the Israeli Government to hear their voice. We ask you to write to Minister of Defense Ehud Barak  and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to hear the Bedouin’s voice.

I am turning to you because of your influential position in the North-American Jewish community, in hope that you will use your influence to help urge American Jewry to stand up against the following injustice.

After 1948 thousands of Jahalin Bedouin from the Negev made their homes in encampments between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea (“Area C” of the West Bank). Recently, we have learned of steps being taken by the Israeli Civil Administration to forcibly displace them.

One of the primary sites the Israeli Civil Administration is considering for Jahalin relocation is immediately next to the Jerusalem trash dump. The Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection has determined that the trash dump is a health risk, possibly life-threatening for those who enter it even temporarily. The relocation site itself has independently been found hazardous, potentially even explosive due to the buildup of gases underground from the accumulation of toxic waste.

Such a plan would be a violation of Jewish law, and a betrayal of our responsibility as a nation that knows what it means to be an oppressed minority. It would also be in grave breach of international law and would constitute a serious violation of the rights of the Jahalin Bedouin. Unless the Jahalin are formally and effectively included in the planning processes that affect their lives, their future survival is at risk. The planned population transfer would effectively destroy their traditional lifestyle and livelihood.

We ask you to write to Minister of Defense Ehud Barak  and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking them to hear the Jahalin Bedouins’ voice. 

Read moreRabbi Yehiel Grenimann wants to clarify two questions concerning the Jahalin especially the ones who live in Chan El Achmar. In order to prevent a disaster.  A letter was written to the Civil Administration Ombudsman. 

Source and more at the website of  Rabbis for Human Rights.

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