Inciting to kill Obama: Another Judeofascist from Chabad ~ by Larry Derfner

 January 21 2012| Larry Derfner | 972 Magazine

Chabad is the largest, most energetic Jewish movement on earth, and it gives a place of honor to people like Andrew Adler, the Atlanta Jewish Times publisher who suggested that the Mossad kill Obama.  

Unfortunately, Chabad enjoys this heimishe image for bestowing yiddishkeit on Jews the world over, holding Passover seder for young Israelis traveling in the East, laying tfillin at the airport – strictly mitzvah-doers. The other side of Chabad – the violent, Jewish supremacist side – is less well-known. Maybe that will change now, though, with the op-ed by Chabadnik Andrew Adler, publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, who suggests that Israel assassinate Obama so it’ll be free to bomb Iran. (Disclosure: I wrote about Israel for the Atlanta Jewish Times in the 1990s, years before it was sold to this lunatic.)

Among the most prominent Chabad rabbis in Israel is Yitzhak Ginsburgh, author of Baruch Hagever, a tribute to Baruch Goldstein, and of the opinion that if a Jew needed a liver transplant, Jewish law would allow him to cut out a gentile’s liver. Another revered Chabad rabbi here is Shalom Dov Wolpe, who has praised the murder of Yitzhak Rabin and called for the murders of Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni – and I’m sure that’s only a partial list.

Yossi Gurvitz notes that a Chabadnik, Harry Shapiro, was convicted of planting a pipe bomb in a Jacksonville, Fla. synagogue when Shimon Peres was visiting. Further on the Florida-Chabad-”death-to-Peres” connection, I have an Orthodox Jewish friend in Fort Lauderdale who used to pray at a Chabad shul because it was close by, and he told me that after Rabin’s assassination, some of the congregants were jubilant, openly saying they wished Yigal Amir had gotten Peres, too.

At a Jerusalem rally a month before the assassination, it was two students at a Chabad yeshiva who printed up the photomontages of Rabin in an SS uniform that were held aloft in the crowd. During Netanyahu’s first term, a Chabadnik in Safed was arrested for threatening to kill him. During the wild protests against disengagement from Gaza, Chabadniks were involved in much of the worst violence – closing the highway to Jerusalem by spreading oil and nails on it, commandeering a Palestinian house in Gaza, writing “Muhammad is a pig” on the walls and finally setting it on fire.

I know that not every Chabadnik is like this, and if any Chabad leader comments on Adler’s op-ed, he’ll of course condemn it. Furthermore I know there’s a split within Chabad between the messianics and the mainstream – but it doesn’t matter. This is the largest, most energetic Jewish movement on earth, and it gives a place of honor to bloodthirsty Judeofascists like Ginsburgh, Wolpe, Adler and others.

Remember that the next time a couple of grinning Chabadniks on the street invite you over for Shabbes.

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