Soldiers raid home of man shot at Qalandiya

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Maan News Agency | Jan 22, 2012

JENIN (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Sunday raided the home of a Palestinian man who was shot in the leg earlier in the day by an Israeli soldier.

According to Israeli media, Abdul Hakim Ghawadra, 29, was carrying an axe and tried to attack a soldier at Qalandiya checkpoint, which separates northern Jerusalem from Ramallah.

Ghawadra sustained injuries to his leg and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Palestinian security sources told Ma’an that later on Sunday six Israeli military patrols ransacked the Jenin home of Ghawadra. Soldiers also raided the homes of his brothers.

One of Ghawadra’s relatives told Ma’an that he had been working as a teacher in the village school before quitting his job and moving to Ramallah eight months ago.

He was apparently suffering from a mental disorder and the relative said he was isolated and needed psychological help.

Source Maan News Agency

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