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Jan 25, 2012

Already in 2005, advisor to Shimon Peres told  the United States that Naqab (Negev) “development” plan meant “relocation” of 65,000 Bedouin citizens.

But the ethnic cleansing not only takes place inside 1948 Palestine where villages are literally are whiped off the map, Israel has plans to clean the whole of Palestine as well.

Israel approved plans to forcefully remove 57.000 people, which would be the largest ethnic cleansing operation since the 1948 Nakba.

From the Likud Program

While the ignorant (kept) world focusses on two state solutions which embody the very essence of apartheid or “regret”, “condemn” failing peace talks, often followed by blames Palestinians are unwilling to negotiate, may it be clear what’s in Israel’s political program.

Some quotes of the Likud Program:

“The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river”

“The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.”

And there is more…

Talks, are merely a tool for “Israel” to push ahead with the ongoing ethnic cleansing which like it has been doing for 64 years now, grabbing more land, evicting more people and making more refugees than already exist, on daily basis.

Bibi is a Liar…

Sarkozy already said it, but last week witnesses caught  Netanyahu telling lies again during his visit in The Hague – The Netherlands.

Read the letter of former PM of the Netherlands Dries van Agt, stating Netanyahu Lies to the Parliament and the Dutch population after Netanyahu stated only 1,5% of the West Bank would be “occupied by settlers” which is of course a blatant lie.

And while Netanyahu and propaganda is serving lies, and the world seems to take them for granted, on daily basis human disasters take place inside Palestine 1948, the Naqab as well as in the West Bank. Demolitions have been displaced 990 people of which 507 children in 2011 only.

“Relocation” has nothing to do with relocating at all. Houses are demolished even without courtorders. Homes are taken by settlers. People see their house even demolished at night and in a very recent demolition Israel even went below all imagination by demolishing an orphanage leaving all in the cold.

For the current status of demolitions and other attacks on Palestinians check the timeline which is continuously updated.

Watch here Israel’s definition of “Relocation”

  • Ethnic cleansing caught on camera – video
  • The demolition of Anata – Jan 23, 2012 – in pictures
  • The demolition of  Umm el-Kheir – Jan 25, 2012 – in pictures
  • Brutal violent eviction in Jaffa – video

In Pictures

Watch Caught on Camera: Ethnic Cleansing

Israel’s Jerusalem municipality plans to build more than 50,000 (updated Dec 3, 2011: 85.000) new homes in the city’s occupied eastern sector over two decades:

  • 23,628 homes have already been approved, 20,263 in East Jerusalem and 3,365 in the west.
  • 13,824 are pending review, 12,819 in East Jerusalem and 1,005 in the west.
  • 23,266 housing units are still in planning stages, 19,281 in the east and 3,985 in the west.

Of these, the municipality plans:

  • 10,366 homes in northern East Jerusalem, including illegal Israeli settlement Pisgat Zeev and Palestinian town Beit Hanina.
  • 5,239 homes in southern East Jerusalem, including Gilo settlement and Palestinian district Beit Safafa.
  • 4,886 new units in central eastern Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan and Jerusalem’s Old City.

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Besides this, Israel approved plans to ethnic cleanse 57.000 bedouin from Palestine

Save yourself time. It is only about this : Ethnic Cleansing

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