Turkish court orders release of citizens who chanted slogans against Israel

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[ 28/01/2012 – 03:56 PM ]

ISTANBUL, (PIC)– 30 Turkish citizens were acquitted on Friday of charges filed by a pro-Zionist prosecutor who accused them of chanting racist slurs against Jews in a basketball game.

During the trial that was held in a court near the Republic square in Istanbul, thousands of Turkish citizens rallied outside chanting slogans against the Turkish prosecutor and demanding freedom for their compatriots.

The prosecutor filed his charges after 30 citizens waved Palestinian flags and chanted “Damn Israel” slogans during a Eurocup women basketball game between Kayseri Kaski Spor and Israel’s Maccabi Bnot at the Kayseri Kadir Has Congress and Sports Center last November.

The prosecutor demanded the judge to issue one-year jail sentence for the 30 individuals.

More than 40 Turkish lawyers volunteered to defend the accused and managed to convince the judge that their clients used the phrase “damn Israel” to express their condemnation for its crimes against the Palestinians and humanity and did not chant racist remarks against the Jews.

The Turkish relief organization IHH, which called for the rally, demanded the Turkish prosecutor who dared to file charges against his fellow citizens to file a lawsuit against Israel for killing Turkish citizens during its deadly attack on the aid ship Mavi Marmara in May 2010.

IHH said Israel should be cursed and damned because it has killed thousands of civilians in massacres since its occupation of Palestine in 1948, including huge numbers of children in its 2008 war on Gaza, and it has been imposing a fatal blockade on Gaza since 2006.

Israel is still committing crimes against humanity with its occupation, daily assaults on citizens, maltreatment of prisoners, Judaization, daily demolition of homes, forced migration, segregation wall and many other violations against the Palestinians, so it should be damned, IHH added.

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

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