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Jan 31, 201

My name is Nader Elkhuzundar, and I’m a 24-year-old Palestinian from Gaza. I have lived in the Gaza Strip since I was a child. I am the oldest of four children. Being the oldest comes with high expectations from my family, and a strong sense of duty towards my country and people. Although living in the Gaza Strip is a challenge; I have been able to pursue educational opportunities in my areas of interest. In 2008 I earned a diploma in Computer Programming with an 81.53 percent grade point average. I also now hold a BSc Management Information Systems (MIS) degree with an 83.48 percent GPA from the University of Palestine, which I received in March 2011. Since graduating from university I have tried hard to secure a job so that I may support my family and advance obtain work experience.  I have often received feedback from potential employers saying that I need to further my education in order to obtain a position.

Therefore, I decided to apply to Masters-level programs abroad since the universities here are very limited in what they can offer due to the restrictions on Gaza. Finally, in December 2011 after many months of applying to jobs and various schools; I received an acceptance letter from Goldsmith’s University in London to pursue an MA in Digital Journalism.

My family and I cannot afford to fund an education abroad.  After many discussions with friends, family, and academic advisors; I have decided to bring my plea online.  I am here with the support of my family and friends, asking for financial support in furthering my education. I am asking you to help me, and help my people. This degree will allow me to help my family come out of a cycle of deprivation and enable me to positively contribute to our National cause. It breaks my heart seeing Gaza in the current state; so much potential is being wasted due to the decades of unjust occupation. The result has been the fragmentation of Palestinians and a pervading sense of helplessness. I believe we can rebound from the current state with strong collective vision for the future. This vision is being formed today with the help of the growing global movement of solidarity with Palestinians with which I regularly engage. Gaining funding for an MA in Digital Journalism will allow me to learn skills to fulfill my dream of becoming a journalist for my country so that I can report to the world our historic path towards freedom and justice.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you can help by donating and/or spreading the word and getting other people, friends, and family to do the same.

Cost breakdown:

Estimated Monthly Expenses in GBP

Type Estimated Cost
Tuition Fees 11,500*
Accommodation+Bills 800**
Transportation 100**
Living Expenses 300**

*Tuition fees for academic year 2012/13 starting in September 2012 according to tuition fees spreadsheet published on the Goldsmiths website.

**Estimated costs.

How to donate:

    • Bank Wire:

Bank of Palestine Ltd.,
Branch No. 454, Bank No. 89
Swift Code: PALSPS22
Beneficiary Name: Nader Elkhuzundar
Beneficiary Account No. 2102534

    • Donations via Money Gram are accepted. Please Contact me. for info
    • If you are donating a bigger amount please Contact me.

Q: What if I get the scholarship I have applied for?

The raised money will be donated to multiple organizations based in Gaza like, but not limited to:

  1. Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children: a registered Palestinian NGO located in Gaza city, has been working in the field of deaf education and allied services since 1992. Literally thousands of deaf children and adults and their families are served annually at Atfaluna through deaf education, audiology, speech therapy, income generating programs for the deaf, vocational training, parents’, teachers’ and community training and awareness programs, and a host of other services and programs.
  2. The Mercy Association for Children: An association that fosters children and children with special needs (up to the age of 18) based in Gaza city that builds and establishes schools‪, educational‪, cultural‪, and entertainment centers, fixes and supports their shelters and improving their living situation in general, helps and supports their families‪, which positively reflects on their kids, raises awareness regarding foster kids and kids with special needs and saves and defends their rights in the society.


Source and more at GAZAHOPE.

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