Palestinian dies under torture in Iraqi detention

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[ 30/01/2012 – 08:05 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– A 30-year-old Palestinian man died in Iraq three days ago as a result of torture and severe beating in an Iraqi jail, his family in Breij refugee camp to the east of Gaza said on Monday.

The sources told Safa news agency that Emad Abdulsalam lived in Doura, to the south of Baghdad, for 30 years and was arrested three days back. They said that he was rushed to a hospital in the capital but died on arrival due to repercussions of the severe torture.

They said that his brother Jihad, 30, was killed in the same way at the hands of Iraqi security forces a few years earlier in Baghdad during the American occupation of Iraq.

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees in Iraq were killed at the hands of American and Iraqi forces over the past ten years while thousands were injured and a big number of them fled the murder and robbery streak to the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

The Muslim scholars society in Iraq, meanwhile, urged the UN to assume its responsibility in protecting the Palestinian refugees in Iraq in face of its government’s “criminal practices” against them.

It said in a press release that Palestinians in Baghdad have been the constant target of harassment and oppressive arrests under fabricated accusations to achieve certain goals.

It said that Palestinians have been the target of “Death squads and militias” over the past six years under the very eyes of the government.

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