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Kawther Salam | Febr 2, 2012

Mahmoud Abbas, “President” of the puppet dictatorship PA, is granted permission to move around by some small Israeli soldier occupied as a clerk at the colony of Beit Ell near Ramallah. This makes it possible for him to move between his residency, the Ramallah district and the various occupied Palestinian cities. The main role of Abbas and his PA is as a police force to protect the colonists, to do the dirty work of the israeli occupation in the occupied territories, and most importantly to legitimize the Israeli genocide, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity and to suppress anybody who is against this state of of abject criminality.

The majority of Palestinians live in abject poverty. Children usually suffer of anemia and other diseases related to malnourishment. Recently the students at the Bir Zeit and Bethlehem Universities went on strike because of the increase of semester fees. During the last too weeks, demos broke out in the Palestinian West Bank cities in the occupied territories. Thousands of Palestinians ran to the streets holding empty pots and protesting new tax laws which supposedly will be impose on them by the “Prime Minister of the Palestinian government” Dr. Salam Fayyad who was imposed on Palestinians by the US government.

The Abbas dictatorial regime sucks in millions from Europeans, US, and Arab donations yearly. These donations feed the Palestinian police system which protects the security of the occupation and the squatter colonies, suppress the right of Palestinians to resist against the injustice of the Israeli occupation and the PA, these donations feed the bank accounts of the fat cats around Abbas and the Fatah movement. While over 54% of Palestinians are jobless and most people do not receive any kind of social services or security allowances because of the miserable laws of social security imposed on the Palestinians, which do not allow that healthy people receive social security until they bring proof of deteriorated health conditions, while Palestinians are milked by even more onerous taxes and fees, the heads of the PA theocracy squander money in the Gulf states, in the USA and in the European countries as if there was no tomorrow.

The name of the PNA has become synonymous with starvation, poverty, repression, intimidation, imprisonment, suppressing resistance, forbidding opposition and peaceful demonstrations, imposing military trials on civilians, torture and random murders in the occupied territories. It is simply one more dictatorial regime on top of the Israeli occupation. The PA is in fact so bad that it is by itself far worse than the Israeli occupation. This is the PA which the UN headed by Mr. Ki-Moon has decided to recognize as a state, this is the group of crooks to which many member states of the UN has decided recognize as a state.

During a previous visit to israel, Mr. Ki-Moon sat around with the family of war criminal Gilad Shalit, he found enough time to do that, but during his current visit to Israel and Ramallah he did not agree to meet with families of the Palestinian prisoners, and the victims of the israeli war crimes in Gaza, he rejected the notion, and in response a group of journalists from Gaza sent him a letter declaring him “not welcome” in the name of all Gazans.

Before Mr. Ki-Moon went to israel, the israeli occupation grabbed Palestinian Parliamentarians from the street and threw them in jail on “administrative” reasons. It is not known that Mr. Ki-Moon found even one word to protest this indecent behavior from israel.

Today, while Mr. Ki-moon was touring in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, and after he did not make a comment on the arbitrary jailing the Palestinian Parliamentarians, a group of 26 members of the European Parliament called on Israel to release 26 Palestinian lawmakers who are being held in its prisons, including the speaker of the Palestinian parliament. In a letter of appeal, 26 European Union parliamentarians who represent a broad spectrum of the European parties, urged “the EU and its Member States to take immediate action” in order to ensure the release of all detained members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).

The EU lawmakers condemned the arrest of PLC speaker Aziz Dweik, who was arrested two weeks ago and sentenced to six months in administrative detention without charge or trial, as well as the arrest of the lawmakers at the Jerusalem Red Cross headquarters in Sheikh Jarrah, among them former minister Khaled Abu Arafa and MP Mohamed Totah. This appeal from EU Parliamentarians was a splat in the face of Mr. Ki-Moon, who only knows silence before abject criminality.

All what Mr. Ki-Moon did during his visit to Israel was to aid and support criminals, crime against humanity, genocide, activity which is contrary to the bylaws and tenets of the organization which he heads. The more than questionable activity of Mr. Ki-Moon in Israel and in the West Bank put a big question mark over the UN and the reason for its continued existence.

The desirable role of the UN should be to promote dialogue between the many peoples and nations of the world. The actual role of the UN, under Mr. Ki-Moon and his predecessors, has been to enable and promote all kind of crimes against humanity, to tolerate and promote wars of agression, genocides, to look the other way in face of decades of crimes of israel against us Palestinians, to accede to more and ever more plainly criminal wishes of the worldwide zionist compact and its most visible representative, the USA. This statef affairs has firmly positioned the UN as a part of all manner of problems, but seldom as part of the solution to the many problems affecting humanity.

With this in mind, it is right to ask what is the value of a membership in the UN to any country anymore? Would the money and efforts of being member in an organization which promotes injustice not be better invested elsewhere, in more sensible projects?

Whatever happens with the UN, the wishes of the Palestinians are clear: END the Israeli occupation, END of the PA INJUSTICE. YES to ONE State for ALL people, Palestinians and Israelis under Equality of Rights, and one Parliament for all. The “two state solution” was a dead end from the beginning, it only took in account the wishes of the most extremist elements in the israeli camp, and that should be taken in account.

Source and more Kawther Salam.

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