PALESTINE NEWS | Feb 2, 2012

“Israel kills by deprivation of Healthcare”
Facts tweeted earlier now storified

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Feb 2, 2012 | 23272 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1695 days

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Deprivation of Basic Needs Cost Lives!

Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention clearly establish that Israel, as the occupying power, not only has a duty to ensure medical supplies reach hospitals in the OPT, but to ensure and maintain the services of the hospitals too. As High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, other states not only have a moral duty but also a legal obligation to ensure Israel abides by its commitments to the protected population of the OPT.

As a States Party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Israel is obliged under Article 24 of the treaty to recognise the right of every child under its effective jurisdiction “to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health. States Parties shall strive to ensure that no child is deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services”.

Deliberate Deprivation Healthcare | Electricity | Water | Communication

Settler Violence increased with 50%

Below categories and topics are continuously being updated with attacks by colonists on Palestinians or Palestine’s properties.

Settler Terrorism Topic | Category | Pictures | New: Interactive Map

Israel tries to hide the atrocities of it’s occupation. Why you didn’t know…

By all means possible Israel tries to prevent truth coming out of Palestine. By attacks on press, journalists, photographers, hijacking or piracy on the internet, even attacking live tweeting/streaming/documenting professionals and online activists and of course by it’s main propaganda machine of hasbara to alter truth, facts and not to forget even attempts to alter history. All, to prevent some truth reaches your eyes or ears:

Silencing Truth Attacks on Press | Hasbara (Propaganda) | Censorship

Continuous updates..

Israel Apartheid, a Beginners Guide ~ by Ben White

Palestine’s Right of Self-Defense ~ by Stephen Lendman

Defense Secretary Panetta: “Strong likelihood” Israel will attack Iran this spring or early summer

Reading: Israel to deport 7,000 Sudanese migrants –

Music Against the No Go Zone – by @RosaSchiano

Report: NY police spied on Palestinians

Why is the BBC so afraid of the word “Palestine”?

█▌ #Urgent Action Alert ▶ Life of man in administrative detention at risk from hunger strike

International Strategy for Palestinian Prisoners Needed

Ban says ‘time running out’ for Israel, Palestinian talks
Is he an idiot or just acting like one?

Question: who are the black-clad armed force protecting Ban Ki-moon in this video? Are they private contractors?

PHOTOS | Bedouins of Arab Al-Jahalin Feb. 2, 2012:

International Strategy for Palestinian Prisoners Needed

Israel Illegally confiscates 431 dunums Palestinian Land – Jan 2, 2012

Silwan Residents Get More Demolition Orders

Obeidat: I Will Appeal Against Israel’s Decision That Prevents Me from Entering into West Bank

Jerusalem Municipality Forces Arab Resident to Demolish Own Shop

Silwan middle school loses power again

The @ADL_National’s history of muzzling dissent on Israel at all costs

Hamas Slams UN Sec. Gen. For Refusing To Meet Families Of Detainees

#Hasbara: Rocket salvo hits Negev, breaking relative calm – JPost:

Watch the “calm”:

US election funding: download the data

Netanyahu remains committed to illegal settlement policy after leadership win

Palestinian Territories experience severe cold spell

Palestinian on 48th day of hunger strike chained to hospital bed

Hamas “will hold on to Meshaal”

Anti-Semitism and Israel’s Inherent Contradictions

The .@ADL_National (All-Day-Loosers) has published its attempt to smear .@AliAbunimah

Palestinian Hackers: A Web of Struggle

Totah and Abu Arafa refuse to see in their cell Red Cross delegates

Panel on legalizing outposts includes settler with clear bias

Ki-moon triggers popular outrage among Gazans by his refusal to meet with them

Big hack attack on Israel inevitable, say experts THERES A SHIT STORM BREWING

Raising a Palestinian flag in Acre | @JalalAK_jojo

Peres grants Benizri clemency,7340,L-4184480,00.html

Lawyer who worked for outposts to sit on Israeli government panel to legalize them

Palestinians urge international community to join Global March to Jerusalem

Saudi silence on Israeli-seized islands

200,000 missiles aimed at Israel. None fired. Why?

New at @AbuPessoptimist: Again Itamar Marcus: Who actually incites who?

Jewish Week op-ed makes (bad) case for Israel’s boycott law

Ban Received in the Gaza Strip by Protestors

Veolia treats wastewater from Modi’in Illit settlement in occupied West Bank

Netanyahu remains committed to illegal settlement policy after leadership win

Palestinians protest UN chief’s Gaza visit

Israeli Artillery Target Gaza

Israeli Military Shells Gaza Following Rocket Fire From Gaza Strip

Shoes thrown at UN chief’s convoy in Gaza

20 cars, 270 truckloads of goods to enter Gaza

Mishaal-Abbas meeting postponed

IOF soldiers arrest 320 Palestinians in January (of which 53 children)

IOA renews administrative custody of MP, extends detention of journalist

IOA confiscates 431 dunums of cultivated land in Nahalin village

Aqsa foundation: The holy Mosque is being encircled by Talmudic gardens

Relatives of prisoners ask Ban Ki-moon to stop bias in favor of Israel

Israel threatened to EVICT all inhabitants of Mafqara if they REPAIR the MOSQUE

IOF soldiers blast part of Palestinian home, summon its owner

Palestinians hurl slippers at visiting UN chief

Palestinian man injured after being shot by Israeli police

Israel rejects UN chief’s call to stop illegal settlements

Israel does not mistreat detained Palestinian children

By ZioSquad Censored Palestinian children’s drawings find sanctuary at Swat –

Hamas: West forced to change stance – video

Fayyad Refuses Disbanding the Palestinian Authority

ONE Palestinian And Israeli State ~ by @KawtherSalam

More antisemitic crimes recorded in Manchester than London last year

Palestinians need high calibre leaders – urgently ~ by Stuart Littlewood

Why are @amnesty @hrw silent? #KhaderAdnan held without charge/trial by Israel faces death after 48-day hunger strike.

Israeli tanks open fire on Northern Gaza

Reasons for Iran’s stance as chief defender of Palestinian rights

After “Routine operation” (Raids/ransacking) the West Bank: Palestinians escort lost soldier out of village,7340,L-4184193,00.htm

New demolition notices delivered by the Jerusalem Municipality

How Congress is crushing Palestine

Israel to Open New Police Station in Occupied East Jerusalem

So, Netanyahu is happy to answer questions from Arabs on Facebook, but not from Palestinian reporters.

The United Nations: A Prostitute For Israel ~ by @KawtherSalam

PROTEST: Campaign launched against French purchase of Israeli drone

CTA sponsors planting of 500 trees in Palestine

Whose heritage will “West Bank Heritage Tours” offered by Isr Ministry of Education lv out?:

Haneyya insist on retaining Mishaal as Hamas leader: DOHA – Agencies

Euro. MPs: Palestinian lawmakers must be released: BETHLEHEM – Agencies –

IOF soldiers arrest 2 citizens, settlers stone old lady: AL-KHALIL – Agencies – Israeli occupation forces (IOF)

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