The United Nations: A Prostitute For Israel ~ by @KawtherSalam

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

Kawther Salam | Feb 1, 2012

Whenever I listen to the political statements and positions of the international community on the Palestinian issue and the end of over 45 years of the zionist military occupation, the more I saw the leaders of the world perform the “Hajj” to Israel instead of the camps of the Church of the Nativity where prophet Jesus (peace upon him) and now behind the walls of Israel’s apartheid, the more I read between the lines of the speeches of the dictatorial regime of the “Palestinian Authority”, the more and with increasing clarity I see that everyone in any capacity whatsoever has turned into prostitute who serves zionist Israel without modesty or shame, the more I see that the rights of more than six million Palestinians in international law receive no respect whatsoever by these people who are supposed to guarantee the respect for international law and the international institutions are in fact only working into their own pockets, stealing from already impoverished people and countries in the middle east and elsewhere.

The shameful and dishonorable statements made today in Israel by the Secretary General of the United Nations, the international body which abjectly serves the interests of Israel, which should not even be a member of that institution, the body which, in contravention to its mandate, perpetrates abject injustice against many nations like in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon and other poor countries, caused me and many others disgust.

I would like to ask Mr. Ki-Moon if his role is actually to be a prostitute for Israel and its military occupation, or if his role is to take active measures to legalize wars of aggression in the interest of zionism like what the UN did about Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and other countries by issuing preposterous resolutions, or if his role is to allow Israel to serially violate UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions without ever doing something about it.

While Mr. Ki-Moon and the UN twiddle thumbs, the military occupation and the colonies are growing and increasing like cancer in the occupied territories, more and more of the Palestinian population in Jerusalem, Hebron, Jericho and other Palestinian districts are facing forcible transfer and are denied fundamental rights mentioned in international humanitarian laws and human rights conventions which the UN is supposed to enforce and for which it has the necessary legal instrumentarium.

Article 47 of the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits agreements resulting from the imbalance of power between the population of an occupied territory and the occupying power, but Mr. Ki-Moon somehow conveniently forgot that when he said, during his journey of prostitution to Israel and after his meeting with Shimon Peres and “prime minister” Benjamin Netanyahu that “Israel must make some confidence-building gestures toward the Palestinians in order to carry on with the direct talks between the sides in Jordan”. He said that “Israel should take steps to assist the Palestinians and illustrate that the Palestinian state is already being built on the ground”.

On behalf of most Palestinians I can say that we are not seeking some “confidence-building gestures from Israel”. We are seeking the end of the Israeli occupation, the end of the dictatorial regime of the PA, we are seeking international forces stationed in all of occupied Palestine to deal with the Israeli criminal occupation, forces which should disarm all israelis, curb the israeli criminality and protect the Palestinian population from the lunatic acts of hatred of the occupiers. Anything else is not helpful, Mr. Ki-Moon.

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